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“Big Mike, when did you start cheerleading?” , Asks sports interviewer Rachel prong.

“I started cheerleading when I was 17 in the 12th grade..  I’ve been cheering for 8 years on and off .. “ replies Big Mike.

What are some of your largest achievements as a cheerleader?

“I’ve cheered on the biggest world renowned teams in the country , I’m a 2X NCA CHAMPION ,1X NCA GRAND CHAMPION Not to mention , I’m a WORLD CHAMPION.” Replies Big Mike.

“I’ve cheered at the 2 biggest colleges known for cheerleading.. Navarro College and Trinity valley community college(TVCC)”,” I was on the Netflix show called “CHEER” “ explains Mike.

What inspired you to become a cheerleader?

Seeing my friends tumbling and it looked fun so I tried it an learned how. It lead me to making a team and I never looked back

How long have you been cheering, and what level of expertise have you achieved?

I’ve been cheering for 8 years on and off I’ve been on the best teams in the world like Navarro College , Trinity Valley etc..

How do you stay physically fit and strong for cheerleading?

It’s not just about staying physically fit you have to be mentally fit as well I workout 4-5 times a week as well as stunt and tumble 3-4 times a week ..

How do you work with your teammates and coaches to create synchronized routines and stunts?

I work with teammates and coaches by being open to others ideas, but also bringing my own to the table. I communicate well with people, think fast on my feet, and a very open person.

How do you manage the pressure and expectations of performing in front of large audiences?

Honestly I just remain calm the pressure doesn’t’t get to me because I’ve been training for so many years that it’s just another day in the gym for me

How have you contributed to your cheerleading team’s success over the years?

I have contributed to cheerleading team’s success by always being there and being the best athlete/coach I can be. I have always made sure that my skills were consistent and that I am always there for my teammates and/or athletes who may have been struggling and needed it.

What values and qualities do you think are most essential for a male cheerleader to possess?

I believe that a strong mentality is an essential quality for a male cheerleader. If they are not prepared mentally and physically they are not going to last past the first day. Cheerleading is as much of a mental sport as a physical sport.

How do you handle setbacks and failures, both as an individual and as part of a team?

I handle individual setbacks by letting them happen and continuing to push forward. I live by the phrase that “ You can either quit or keep going”. This phrase has allowed me to stay motivated and continue to push. As a teammate I handle setbacks by staying in my teammate‘s ears and encouraging them to continue to push on and be great.

What are your long-term goals in cheerleading, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My long term goals in cheerleading is to continue coaching and help as many athletes as possible. I strive to be a great mentor to kids inside and ones wanting to get into the sport. I want others to love the great sport of cheerleading.

How does your cheerleading experience impact your life outside of the sport?

Cheerleader brings a lot of life skills that you can use in everyday life. It has taught me how to communicate better and be a better leader which are two things I use in everyday.

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