• Where are you from and tell me about your artistic career?

Originally from an Urban City of Lahore, Pakistan, went to school at California State University Fresno, where I started producing house music in my dorm room, eventually getting discovered by the veteran artist Max Vangeli, currently residing in Los Angeles CA

  • Tell us about your latest release?

Our Latest release move to the funky was released on LFTD records, I joined hands on that one with one of  Los Angeles based dou Elektrik Souls, combining my drum groove ideas with classic stabby synths of Elektrik souls and bringing you a fusion of modern and classic house.

  • Who are your biggest artistic influences?
    Mark Knight and Crusy have been my biggest influences so far in the House Music Genre 
  • Tell us about your favorite releases and how you completed it.

My favorite was “Muy Guapo” which was my first release and my first signing ever, I had produced a Latin House Record and passed it to Luan Trombin with the idea and him using his expertise making the record top notch, modern and professional, He got it release ready and we got the privilege of releasing it on Noface Reocrds

  • Where do you find inspiration?

A lot of times its tuning into radio shows while I workout or drive, keep a note of tracks I enjoyed and understanding how they were made, dissecting them, a lot of times its going to splice and shuffling through drum loops which gets a vibe going.

  • When is your favorite time of day to music?

Typically at night after my main day time job, its always nice to open up the Daw and start jamming out something

  • Describe how your music is important to society.
    Very, its a form of expression, thats why its important to stay authentic, music has the force of bringing the world together
  • What motivates you to create more style music?

Experiment, I dont like to box myself of any specific genre of house, curiosity, keeps me going, joining elements of melodic, tech, future house together and trying to come up with a fusion. Apart from that the love of the process definitely makes it more fun and having a wonderful community at Noface Records that keeps me accountable.

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