• Where are you from and tell me about your artistic career?

From St Louis, Housing projects. I grew up with a well known brother as a producer who never let me hop on his tracks. I spent years writing hoping i could get a chance, then I decided to do it on my own. 

  • Tell us about your latest release?

A Collab Pick up Myself, Ft Doindre Jermaine, is a song about looking right at your issues and saying I will get up and try anyway

  • Who are your biggest artistic influences?

DeLa Soul, Jay Z, Mos Def, DMX all combined … 

  • Tell us about your favorite releases and how you completed it.

Puff up Myself is a freestyle that I had to release. It happened in 2 takes after I spent time in New Orleans. I made it in my kitchen with a phone mic at first. 

  • Where do you find inspiration?

Being outside among my people, food is always love. 

  • When is your favorite time of day to music?

10 am I like to sit and go over beats until I get going. I usually lose track of time until 3 or 4pm and by then I have a rough cut concept for later to polish

  • Describe how your music is important to society.

I believe my words are really powerful. I have been able to see how many age groups relate to my lyrics and message. I am not preachy but I don’t ignore the truth. Most of all people enjoy that my music is still fun while being something you can listen to on your own and really reflect. 

  • What motivates you to create more style music?

The different ways I can tell a story about emotions we all go through. I want to make songs that people connect with and remember me as part if their journey.

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