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Faceswithtalent New Hollywood Company



Faceswithtalent has made their name in the modeling & fashion world. Being a submission based company, Faceswithtalent allows you the freedom to be yourself without having to change completely. The company was founded by Blaison Comeaux better known as Tokyoblaison. 

His vision was to create a corporate company that gave people who didn’t meet the modeling requirements another chance at chasing their dreams. Most modeling companies requirements usually deal with height, weight, age, hair texture, and sometimes even skin color.  They will also require you to pay 20-30% from any commission made from a job. 

Faceswithtalent focuses on only the talent and the potential of that client. Being a 3rd party submission based company means that Faceswithtalent submits & contracts with main stream companies for a shot at the next level. 

Faceswithtalent is 100% legit and takes absolutely no percentages from any submissions or profit made. The company only charges $250 per photography session because they do not profit off any money made before the shoot. The company funds 100% of all flights, hotels, tours, retreats, and events. 

The company has what is called brand face models which are the faces of the company. The company chooses those models to represent their brand at all times. 

Faceswithtalent is one of the top-ranked entertainment companies in the United States. They specialize in brand submissions, events, touring, and celebrity services. The company was created to give models an opportunity to work through this 3rd party company to earn a check. Even though this is not a modeling agency, they still supply modeling services. Very different requirements are needed from the two. Being a model for this company you will learn the lifestyle of a traveling paid model.

Most girls are interested in modeling, acting, cover girl, magazines, etc. This would be the best company to choose to start with.

The company is 100% legit. Some models may not believe it’s legit because in all actuality they don’t wanna spend any money. This would be the best choice for any upcoming model or celebrity model to join this company. The owner Blaison Comeaux better known as Tokyoblaison created this opportunity to give young individuals a second chance at chasing their dreams.

23 year old model signs with Faceswithtalent in 2023. Ms.Ngo is a new upcoming model from Southern California who grew up in the Bay area. She says that she loves hip hop and R&B. Janet Ngo has a passion for yoga and helping others. She loves everything about the fashion world. Janet Ngo was a undergrad at UCI and double major (public health/ political science). She’s involved with non-profit organizations and loves to volunteer in her free time. She also wants to become a professor when she get’s older.

Faceswithtalent models have been making a huge impact world wide. Only a few models will stand out and make it in the Entertainment world. Faceswithtalent gives opportunities to models who need that extra push. The company looks for the top potential models in the world.

Faceswithtalent is the number one ranked 3rd party company in the country. They have created several stars in the business.LikeForwardCopyReport

Having a “facewithtalent” can be advantageous in the entertainment industry, as it can attract more attention from fans and industry professionals alike. However, it is important to note that physical appearance alone does not guarantee success in the entertainment industry. Talent, hard work, dedication, and professionalism are also essential qualities that can help performers succeed in their careers.

Furthermore, the entertainment industry can be highly competitive, and even individuals with a “facewithtalent” may struggle to make a breakthrough in their careers. It is crucial for aspiring performers to develop their craft, build their networks, and seek out opportunities to showcase their talent.

Company instagram: @faceswithtalent

Image Credit: @bluubuckz 

Instagram: @faceswithtalent 

Tiktok: @faceswithtalent 


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