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Feel Good With Luv Docta’s New Song “Freak”



If you’re missing the warmth of summer, we have the perfect song for you. Prepare to let loose! Right now, the Luv Docta is in session. He has released a new song called “FREAK” featuring YBG Tsunami, which is currently streaming across all platforms. The two made a music video for the song in which they are joined by a gorgeous line of women and enjoy using water guns in a warm, tropical environment. Prepare to get comfortable with this new hit. Feel-good hormones rush our bodies and minds when we listen to our favorite music, which frequently causes us to experience a state of sexual ecstasy. There is evidence that listening to enjoyable music can reduce stress and increase sexual arousal.

We would categorize this as a panty dropper, for sure, as the Luv Docta understands precisely the proper amount of music to get you and your emotions rolling. Add this hot tune to your playlist and take a time to relax.

Listen to “Freak” by Luv Docta ft. YBG Tsunami, which is currently available on all streaming sites.

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