Filmocracy is a film and festival streaming platform that rewards users for discovering amazing independent films. Users can earn “virtual popcorn” for watching and rating movies, which can be spent in its shop to earn movie tickets, redeem gift cards, or attend over 200 virtual film festivals hosted from around the world. Filmocracy is bringing various technologies together to enhance the virtual cinema and experience for filmmakers, industry professionals and audiences around the world. Its mission is to help all independent filmmakers reach wider audiences and grow its communities through storytelling.

Festival Co-Founder, Paul Jun, serves as CEO of Filmocracy. In December 2020, Filmocracy staged the First Annual Filmocracy Fest, an all-digital juried film festival. Filmocracy Fest presented 44 films; panels; mentorship program; live performances; script readings; cause-related partners; and dozens of virtual conversations with directors and industry talent. Jon Fitzgerald served as Executive Director.

Filmocracy has a library of more than 3,500 titles for streaming that is constantly evolving and rotating and also hosts over 200 film festivals each year.

The film and festival streaming platform is rescripting the current way films are presented in film festivals. By building the technology that allows on demand and live viewing of films, filmmaker Q&A’s, and industry panels, Filmocracy has been at the forefront of getting independent filmmakers, and their films, in front of audiences they could not achieve through physical film festival viewing alone.

This is the second time this year Filmocracy has brought to life the Filmocracy Film Market, with the specific goal of curating an environment where independent filmmakers can connect and conduct business with industry decision makers. In the market’s first year, films were acquired and brought to Cannes for sale opportunities and distribution deals. In the July event, the list of buyers, sales agents, and distribution companies has grown to include some of the largest companies in the world like Sundance, Endeavor Content, Blue Fox, 13 Films, XYZ Films, The Exchange, Radiant Films International, and Periphery.

On July 18, 2022, Filmocracy Fest celebrated a strong line up for their third season, and presented an elevated second edition of the Film Market, a vibrant marketplace that brought together industry buyers, filmmakers, and agents to help discover independent films and talent. The event surpassed the success it experienced earlier in the year, leading to the discovery of many films and filmmakers by top name producers, distributors, and production companies. The event presented a Best of the Fest category, with features and shorts playing online on their platform,

Jun exclaimed at the success of the event, “Our film market is filling an important need in the industry for putting filmmakers face to face with decision makers. Through our virtual platform we’re able to foster industry relationships for filmmakers who lack a professional network.”

The Filmocracy Film Market, in a very short time, has established itself as a premiere market and highly sought after destination for companies and filmmakers alike. Some of the films up for sale included Matthew Mishory’s WHO ARE THE MARCUSES?, Nicholas deKay’s THE ARK OF LILBURN, Austin Chapman’s LACRIMOSA, Christine Yoo’s 26.2 TO LIFE: THE SAN QUENTIN PRISON MARATHON, Katie O’Regan’s GOOD MORNING MISS AMERICA. Daniel Diosdad’s THE NOMAD was picked up for international sales by Archstone Entertainment and Strana Media picked up South Korean rights for Juan P. Reyes’s SAMLAND.These films were picked up from top-name companies and more negotiations are ongoing for many other projects.

Jack Sheehan from Archstone Entertainment explains his admiration and appreciation for Filmocracy. He said, “I participated in the first Filmocracy virtual market and found it to be so productive and enjoyable that I didn’t hesitate to participate in the next one (and more ongoing in the future). Not only was I impressed by the tech and the ease, efficacy, and intuitiveness of the platform, it seemed to flow almost effortlessly. I was lucky enough to find several projects I liked, one of which I actually closed a deal on and brought to the physical Cannes Film Festival a month later, and we’re closing a multitude of deals, to both our and the filmmaker’s delight. I think this platform is top of the competition of virtual markets and will be a mainstay for years to come. Selfishly I hope not too many of my competitors find out about it!”

Attendees paid a nominal fee of $100 to participate, with the option to purchase a VIP pass for $500. Those with a VIP registration were able to skip queues and move to the front of the line in every meeting. All participants were also invited to attend the opening night of the Filmocracy Fest, which was a unique opportunity for the participants to network while celebrating their cinematic achievements.

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