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Finding Happy with The Pretty Wild and their musical debut



“Ain’t much happy in this house, but she knows where to find it” sings y’allternative duo, The Pretty Wild, in their princess punk debut, “XANAX & CHAMPAGNE.”

With gritty rock, sultry vocals, and memorable lyrics, the release of “XANAX & CHAMPAGNE” has quickly set The Pretty Wild apart from most female artists of the country genre. Branding themselves with the original term “y’allternative”, their country roots ground listeners in familiarity, all while their need for new pushes musical boundaries. Their music is assured to always be packed with power, and this anthem-like energy is what seems to keep their audiences growing, no matter the genre.

Tag-team and sisters Jill and Julia started out as fans of the very industry they are now apart of. Growing as singer-songwriters, with experiences from both the consumer and producer standpoint, every step they have taken so far assures a strong relationship with all those whom support them. Especially within a venue, the two rebels have mastered what it takes to hold the attention of those listening, but also make them a part of the night. Everyone is the main character when listening to The Pretty Wild, and this team-like energy is even more motivating for a new artist than those listening.

“XANAX & CHAMPAGNE” attests to finding your happiness in a dismal everyday life, no matter the shape it comes in. With this debut, it is the hope of Jill & Julia that audiences can turn to them to supply the same feel-good happy feeling, and more importantly confidence to face anything that comes their way.

These blond bombshells are gaining momentum day by day, and don’t set to slow down any time soon. You can watch the video for “XANAX & CHAMPAGNE” at this link: and stream it on your favorite service here:

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