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Fitness & Nutrition Expert Arthur Oh Talks About Entrepreneurship



Entrepreneurs are driven by the need to succeed and control their destiny. It is no wonder that more than  41% of Gen Z plan to become entrepreneurs.

While there are various motives behind the desire to become entrepreneurs, such as good benefits, pay, and inspiring work, these factors alone do not lead to success. More and more, we learn that entrepreneurial passion is the single most critical factor for the success of any venture.

Arthur Oh is a fitness and nutrition expert and is passionate about fitness. He founded Kaizen Fitness, to help others live happier and healthier lives. Today, Arthur works with hundreds of people online, providing personal training and nutrition advice. In this article, Arthurs shares his insights on the relationship between fitness and entrepreneurship. 

  1. Passion enables you to focus your mind.

Taking into account that 67% of small businesses fail within the first year, you must be able to focus your mind and energy if you hope to succeed. Being passionate about a specific thing enables you to pursue it without the distraction of what could be ‘better opportunities.’ Joshua Spodek, author of Leadership Step by Step, notes that entrepreneurs who focus their passions tend to be more successful than their less passionate peers.

In the same way, fitness goals are similar to entrepreneurial goals. You set goals for yourself and have a clear vision of where you want to be and how you want to look. Arthur encourages others to focus their minds. He says, ‘whatever your goal is, whatever you want to grow in, you must focus.’

  1. Having consistency

Consistency is a vital ingredient in achieving success in any field. While passion can help you become more goal-oriented, you need to take action and be consistent with it.

Arthur initially struggled with consistency. To overcome this obstacle, he started scheduling every part of his day to minimize distractions. He argues that consistency helps measure success and progress.

  1. Embracing the right mindset

Thousands of businesses fail even before they start. Similarly, millions struggle to achieve their fitness goals. When figuring out your approach to challenges in life, it can help to learn from the experience of others. Here are the top five lessons from Arthur.

  1. If you don’t know how then learn.
  2. Create a plan of what you want to do and how you will get there.
  3. Stick to your schedule.
  4. Focus your energy on what is good for you.
  5. Focus on your why.

Arthur is in the process of becoming ISSA certified for fitness and nutrition. He believes that fitness and nutrition build confidence and helps improve self-esteem.Connect with Arthur to learn more about his work.

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Mark Juncaj: An Amazing Fitness Mentor With An Inspiring Story Of Recovery From Alcoholism



Mark Juncaj Official Image On Instagram

For some people, Alcoholism is a lifelong battle that they face every day. Due to unfortunate circumstances, some even succumb to their addiction finding some relief from their troubles only in the afterlife. Still there are a number of people who defeat Alcoholism and manage to live their lives to the fullest. An inspirational spokesperson and amazing fitness model Mark Juncaj is one such luckiest person who has redeemed his life and now serves as a beacon of hope for all people who live with similar struggles. Today, he impacts the lives of others through fitness and faith.

Mark Juncaj has 4 children, ages 21,14- and 9-years old Twins.

Mark in Franklin, mi. In an upscale community with wonderful neighbours. A fitness influencer with over 26,000 followers and counting more, Mark Juncaj is a spokesperson and fitness model whose story of overcoming has inspired countless people. Mark Juncaj was a high school sports super star. Unfortunately, he found himself with alcohol addiction. He fought for a long time to become sober. His new book Albanian Intervention is a collection of things which he has experienced and written with that experience. It’s out in January next year. He loves to read and write. 

Mark loved going out to dinners with friends and family and even speak in churches to a large audience.

Since his experience with addiction Mark used his history and natural talents to become a mentor to all the others who are still battling with their addiction. Today is a fitness expert who harnesses the power of his faith and his knowledge of fitness and recovery tips to help transform other people’s lives. His experiences have molded into a world-class motivational speaker. Armed with his extensive knowledge and positive attitude. He motivates his clients and friends and helps them solve their mental and emotional roadblocks helping them achieve maximum happiness.

Mark Juncaj had relapses in the past 13 years that led to tremendous consequences but never gave up and still continued to work on himself to the point where he wrote a book.

Mark is extremely disciplined with his diet; he takes 3500 calories a day. While training his abs 3-4 times a week. Mark diet consists of eggs and oatmeal along with a protein shake in the morning.

He eats mostly chicken with Ezekiel bread the rest of the day. Ezekiel Bread is made with grains rather than wheat . Mark Jucaj eats sugars free Kroger brand yogurt before bed as it consists of mostly casein protein that digests slowly to feed his muscles as he sleeps.

In the future Mark Juncaj hopes to continue being a well-trusted authority on fitness and emotion and mental health. Above anything else by building a community of like minded  individuals committed to pursuing self-growth and personal developments, this transformations of more lives in the future.

Learn more about amazing Mark Juncaj by checking out his Instagram..

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DadBod Fitness Founder Orrie Markfeld shares top tips on staying healthy and fit



Health and wellness is a very popular subject because the entire quality of our lives depends on how well we look after our body and mind. With the global pandemic currently ravaging the world, more people are starting to pay attention to their health and the internal state of their bodies. Orrie Markfeld definitely knows one or two things about staying in a healthy state. For the past fifteen years, he has worked within the active lifestyle space, helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. Recently, he launched DadBod Fitness, a user-friendly app that aims to help dads take ownership of their lives through physical exercise and family bonding.

In this article, Orrie shares some of his top advice and habits for staying healthy, fit, and well.

Tip #1- Get Outside

Due to coronavirus restrictions in different parts of the world, it might be impossible to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in spaces with other people. The good news is, you can still take occasional walks to appreciate nature and do some mild exercises. These seemingly small actions have tremendous benefits on the body and immune system.

“Over the last hundred+ years, humans have become more separated from activity outdoors and have transitioned to grain-based diets and sedentary lifestyles. As a result, we have become sicker and overweight,” Orrie comments.

The first step to living a healthy life is becoming more active. Moving your body from time to time will help you avoid diseases.

Tip #2-Watch What You Eat

The term, you become what you consume, is very true especially with the human body. Our cells are literally built with the nutrients and content of the food that we consume, therefore it is incredibly important that we put the right kind of items into our body.

“A good place to start with a healthy diet is by sticking with whole foods and choosing one protein, one carb, and one fat with every meal,” Orrie advises. “ Log your foods. Not everyone’s digestive system handles food the exact same way. Having a log can let you know what foods better agree with your body.” 

Tip #3-Be consistent

Fitness and staying healthy generally is a big function of how long you can persist. Every new goal is a journey and the key to making the most of the new experience is to enjoy the process.

“When you start your fitness journey you are in the process of building new habits,” Orrie comments. “It’s not about being perfect. It’s about consistency. Anyone can be perfect once. The more consistent you are over a broad period of time, the more sustainable your results and lifestyle will be. Start by trying to work out 3 days a week and see if you can handle that for a month. If that goes well, consider adding a fourth. A common error is trying to go too hard too fast. It’s very easy to make things harder.”

As human beings, we like to complicate things, but simplicity really is the best way to attack your goals, and what you want in life. If you are ready to take control of your health, then just get outside, get your body moving, watch what you eat, and most importantly, just stay consistent.

Before you know it, you will see results in your energy, health, and confidence, then you will get addicted to taking care of your health!

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Jean Fallacara: A Scientist revolutionizing the Fitness Industry



JeanFallacara official image

The current pandemic and closure of gyms have left many unable to sustain consistency in their fitness journeys, especially those who relied too heavily on using gym equipment and weights for their workouts.

With no limits on location and equipment, people can pursue fitness and even weight loss in their homes.

Starting with basic push-ups, dips and squats and gradually making their way up to hanging-knee raises, pull-ups, and muscle-ups, it gives people more freedom and flexibility.

Further reduced risk of injury and faster recovery possibilities, calisthenics is also safer than other forms of exercise and strength training exercises. And with the addition of a coach or trainer that can provide them with a nutrition plan and workout regimen, sticking to workout routines becomes much easier.

What makes calisthenics even more opportune for fitness enthusiasts is its effectiveness with the addition of biohacking techniques from neuroscience. This concept idea dubbed Neuroscience Calisthenics explains how you can change your physique and reverse your epigenetic clock by actively changing your mindset and working on neuroplasticity.

You are essentially conditioning your brain to teach your body how to learn new exercises most effectively. There is sufficient scientific evidence in multiple fields that shows humans possess the capability to accomplish difficult goals by changing their mindset and removing barriers of resistance.

Since calisthenics focuses on your body’s functional movements, adding the layer of neural biohacking makes it even more effective for supporting your fitness goals.

Jean Fallacara, the brain and body behind CYBORGGAINZ, uses his expertise in Sciences and experience in calisthenics in his book, Neuroscience Calisthenics. He explains the power of biohacking and how we can empower our brain to optimize our body’s muscle performance and functions.

You learn how to have better control over your muscles, joints, and tendons, which is critical when you’re practicing calisthenics. Instead of resorting to extreme diets and intense exercise regimens that end up doing more damage, your mind and body sync up in a way that makes obtaining physical excellence easier and more approachable.

In the end, calisthenics has made its way from Ancient Greece to the 21st Century without losing its core principles of bodyweight strength training. This is proof of its effectiveness, longevity, and applicability regardless of time.

Furthermore, the pandemic has made it apparent that we are not as reliant on gyms and fitness centers as we are led to believe. While they do help many people remain fit, you are able to achieve positive tangible results working out at home as well.

About Jean Fallacara:

Jean was born in France to Italian parents. He constructed/created his future with a disruptive spirit and an imaginative mindset from an early age and used his intellectual nerd abilities to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a Master’s degree in Immunology and genetics, and an engineering degree in biotechnology. He studied Neuroscience and brain functionalities and Law and Finances.

Jean Fallacara is the CEO and founder of Z-SC1 Corp and behind the concept of Cyborggainz.

with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. He has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. Fallacara has founded and led many science-technology companies.

Jean Fallacara is the author of the famous book, named Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock. This book offers insights on how to concepts of neuroscience significantly optimize your

Missed a day at the gym? Cheated on your diet one too many times? Or sat on your computer for extended periods of time?   Every decision we make, consciously or subconsciously, shifts our biology towards cell aging” says Jean Fallacara

Ranked in the top 5 Motivational influencers in Canada, his Instagram account give insights and tips on how to develop the growth Mindset, he is also on Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube channel

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