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  Before entering into the deep tech industry, Flex started off his career in the music industry. Flex has stated that he first wanted to be an artist, as many others wished too, however, Flex saw this as an opportunity to branch out to other options, by diversifying into producing beats in high school, being introduced to it by a kid who he saw using FL Studio at lunch on his laptop. With a lack of producers around Flex to learn from or collaborate with, he began reaching out to producers all over the country after noticing they left their emails in their bio.  

The first producer/artist Flex would collaborate with would be Guapdad 400, whose name was previously YB Keem. He would then create a producing team with ArjayOnTheBeat, a prominent LA producer behind new emerging talent. Together with ArjayOnTheBeat, Flex would direct the creative production for ArJayOnTheBeat produced tracks for artists like DJ Mustard, French Montana, Drakeo The Ruler, 03 Greedo, Shoreline Mafia, Kalan. Frfr and many more. Flex’s overall experience in the music industry has been said to be amazing, he states,” I’ve had the opportunity to meet and be in the same room with many artists, producers and executives and see artists I’ve worked with make it onto billboard and/or receive major awards.”   

In addition, Flex’s transitioning into deep tech was thought to be complex, however, thanks to his team, they are able to make it easy to understand for him. Flex was able to gain his experience in the deep tech industry through an internship he had while in college, his team was able to not only help him to understand everything very well, but he also considers them to feel like family. Additionally, Flex states that Jikoro is more of a portfolio tech company, stating that the internal focus on product development for their portfolio is both exciting and an educational opportunity. 

While deep tech is already a different field in comparison to the music industry, Flex wishes to continue to expand his abilities into other fields, in this case, it would be through blockchain and cryptocurrency. Flex has been able to connect his music with cryptocurrency through the continuous evolution of music and the tools he’s able to bring, he states, “In the music industry we are using Blockchain to support artist development, music ownership, and with cryptocurrency, we can distribute rights and open access.” 

When it comes to Flex’s next moves, he has stated that Adrian Swish and himself are currently working on a few ventures from NFTs, Sports Branding to Marketing, and giving back to the community through non-profit events. Be sure to stay up to date with Flex! 

In addition, Flex has stated that he main focus that he is attempting to achieve is the creation of better access to food, ingredients, and materials by enhancing traceability and customer engagement to meet the growing demand as the population increases and climate change affects how food is produced as well as the ingredients used.  And this will be done through our blockchain solution. Flex has also stated that ultimately, they are developing sustainable solutions for the food and material supply chain.  

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