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Florida State Senator Celebrate Birthday days after Receiving lifetime achievement award in Paris



Florida State Senator Celebrate Birthday days after Receiving lifetime achievement award in Paris. The seasoned Florida lawmaker who spent 8 years in Tallahassee is now celebrating her birthday just days after being invited to Paris, France. Senator Daphne Campbell was honored this past weekend for her work within the Haitian community by the French Government. The stars are aligning for the Florida lawmaker. As her work is being recognized across the world, Senator Daphne Campbell remain in good spirit. Sources close to her said that her legacy as the voice of the voiceless has just began.

Over the years Senator Campbell advocated tirelessly for change within her community. She single-handedly brough billions back to her district as an elected official. Senator Campbell epitomize had work and dedication. As she celebrated her life and legacy, we are reminded of all the great work that she has done. Senator is known to many as the hope of her community. When you look at her, you see the future. She continues to be a beacon of hope despise everything else going on in the world.

Senator Daphne Campbell inspire so many to reach for the stars and to follow their dreams. Even now the Haitian community continue to rally behind Senator Daphne Campbell. As the very first Haitian Senator in the state of Florida, she gives the Haitian community and Haitian-decedents everywhere something to be proud of. The former Haitian president “Jovenel Moise”, before his untimely passing called her by name as he visited south Florida. He acknowledged her for her role in Providing a better life experience for Haitians everywhere. One thing is for sure, no matter where you are, no matter the city, the State or the country. If you are in need and you call on Senator Campbell for help, she will show up.

When incumbent State Representative Ronald Brise accepted a position on the Florida Public Service Commission in 2010, an open seat was created in the 108th District.

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