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Fly Deezy to launch Fall/Winter merch | Fly Life Worldwide



Born and raised out of Buckingham, Virginia, Deonte Chambers (professionally known as “Fly Deezy”) always had a passion for music. Growing up, Deezy was set on playing baseball professionally, but in 8th grade after growing up around music and watching other artists on tv and YouTube Deezy decided to give music a chance. In 2008 he recorded his first song “Swagged Up Shawty” in his room on windows sound recorder. Falling in love with fashion early in his music career is why he chose to pursue fashion designing after starting videography. For a while he wore it himself but then he changed gears and decided to revamp his clothing line. Fly Life Worldwide has been doing well at several shops and events throughout the summer. In an interview with Fly Deezy he mentioned another album and the release of a fall and winter line.

Be sure to visit his Instagram for updates and releases. @fly_deezy

The independent rapper and Virginia native Fly Deezy has gained major notoriety over the last decade from big platforms such as Billboard, Apple Music, and Worldstar Music. He has been giving back to his hometown, donating to a few notable organizations with different causes, hosting food drives, and calling it one of his “biggest responsibilities.” 

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