Emerging hip-hop artist Kapri Bibbs, aka Just Kapri, is carving a niche for himself in the hip-hop world with his profound storytelling and deep-rooted spirituality. In an intimate discussion, Kapri shared insights into his musical journey, the inspiration behind his artistry, and his upcoming project, “AWW,” an ode to his unique blend of lyricism and faith.

Music In His DNA

Born into a musically inclined family, Just Kapri was introduced to the world of music by his mother, an erstwhile rapper known as MC Kool-Aid. “My music career really started when I was a kid…my mom used to make me and my brothers do these ciphers…that’s really how music became a prominent impact on my life,” Just Kapri reflected on his early influences.

Just Kapri’s latest project, “AWW,” is a reflection of his commitment to storytelling without resorting to profanity, a choice that speaks volumes about his dedication to purity in his music.

Highlighting Spirituality In His Music

The spirituality that pervades Just Kapri’s music and creative process is palpable. For him, music is not just an art form but a divine mission. “I move to God first, you know, before I do anything, before I make any decision in life…even songs that I’m dropping in the future, I’ve already talked to God about those songs,” Just Kapri shared. This spiritual dialogue guides him through the complexities of the music industry, ensuring his work remains authentic to his core values.

Discussing his creative process, Just Kapri emphasized the importance of divine timing, “God speed is confusing…it’s not always what you want…it’s on God’s time.” This perspective has taught him patience and trust in the unfolding of his career, shaping his music in ways that resonate deeply with listeners seeking substance and depth.

A Nod To Lyricist Like Lil’ Wayne

Just Kapri’s dedication to authenticity extends to his beat selection and musical collaborations. Working with like-minded producers who share his vision, Just Kapri is determined to bring back the essence of lyricism to hip-hop, a genre increasingly dominated by beats over narrative. “I want to bring back lyricism in a cool way…you’re going to have to listen to the words that I’m saying,” he explained, underlining his goal to challenge the status quo and inspire his audience through powerful storytelling.

As Just Kapri prepares to share “AWW” with the world, his focus remains on using his platform to motivate and uplift. “The biggest reward I can receive from my music is rebuilding my community…I want to see how much positive I can do with music,” Just Kapri mused, reflecting on his aspirations for impact and legacy.

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