Jimmy Carter, the United States’ oldest living president at 99, is reportedly nearing the end of his life, according to his grandson, Jason Carter. During a mental health forum at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Jason shared insights into his grandfather’s condition, noting that Jimmy Carter has maintained his sense of humor despite his challenges. Jimmy Carter decided to enter hospice care in February 2023, choosing to spend his remaining days at his home in Plains, Georgia, following a series of hospital stays. This decision reflects his and his family’s focus on quality of life and dignity in the face of terminal illness.

In discussing the personal impact of these events, Jason highlighted the strength and humor that Jimmy Carter continues to exhibit. “My grandfather is doing OK. He has been in hospice, as you know, for some almost a year and a half now,” Jason stated, emphasizing the former president’s resilience and acceptance of his life’s final phase. This approach to facing the end with faith and courage was described as particularly meaningful to Jimmy, who views it as a significant part of his faith journey.

Legacy and Remembrance

The forum also served as a platform for remembering Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy’s wife of 77 years, who passed away in November. Her death marked a profound moment for the Carter family and the many people influenced by her advocacy. The Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum, named in her honor, continues to be a significant event, this year being the first since her passing. Jason Carter reflected on the outpouring of support received, “But the outpouring of love and support that we as a family received from the people in this room, and from the rest of the world, was just so remarkable and meaningful to us,” he shared.

The legacy of caregiving and mental health advocacy championed by Rosalynn was also a focal point of Jason’s address. He discussed how these efforts resonate deeply within their family and the broader community, particularly through the forum that promotes mental health awareness across Georgia. The event underscores the ongoing importance of dialogue and action in mental health, an area that Rosalynn Carter passionately supported through her life’s work.