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After spending some time away sharpening the pen and privately working on his craft, UK & Jamaican Independent Artist, Spinna is back with a new single, entitled ‘Verified.’ This standout record is part of his long-awaited upcoming EP, titled ‘Dirt & Gravel’ which will be released later this year on rising UK label, Outlaw World.

The single has been praised by fans and critics alike as an impressive and never-before-heard blend of modern rap and hip-hop production, with drill and grime connodes supplementing that distinguishable dancehall and classic reggae vibration. A fresh, hybrid sound is on the horizon, and it drops January 7th…

Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in South East London, UK, Spinna has been immersed in musical culture from the tender age of just a few years old. Recognised city to city, state to state, and country to country as an impeccable songwriter/ghostwriter, lyricist, and notable artist, Spinna is known to have blessed studios across the UK with his unique storytelling and impressive freestyles, which have racked up views on TikTok and YouTube.

The upcoming EP, entitled ‘Dirt & Gravel’ pays homage to a colourful and movie-esque upbringing, drawing inspiration from his dual heritage in Jamaica and the United Kingdom, whilst blending elements of both cultures into his soundtracks. Telling his untold stories of love, lust, abuse, childbirth, homelessness, and cloak and dagger business movements in the countless knockbacks faced in the industry, this project stands out as one that Spinna has worn with his heart on his sleeve, leaving nothing to the imagination of his fans. His latest release ‘Verified’ is no exception. We asked Spinna what being ‘verified’ truly means to him:

“If he or she doesn’t keep to their truth, 

We know them as liars.

And these liars are not of any value to me.

I walk the walk and work to my truth of who I am as a human being.

I praise my God for all he has gifted me; giving me the tools to pave the way and inspire the next generation of creatives.

I am therefore verified to my surroundings and lifestyle; staying true to what and who I believe in, always.”

The upcoming tape on Lloyd Haines’ imprint, Outlaw World, promises high energy, ridiculous flows, savage styling, and high-pace vocal patterns that we’re yet to hear from an upcoming artist of this calibre. Hinting at the contents of the tape, Spinna tells us to strap in for the ride between ‘Verified’ and the tape’s other works of art that include ‘Dem A Talk’ and ‘Drill If You Love Da Drill.’ 

The intro ad-lib to the single screams emphatically, “Dirt & Gravel!” to perfectly set the eerie and sinister tone to the tape’s production. Whilst at first glance, the single might seemingly speak of Spinna himself being the verified focuspoint to the lyrics, it is in fact testament to the hand-selected circle that moves with him: “The killys from the block, dem verified” 

808s slap underneath the rolling two-tone synth pattern, with trap hats carrying the groove as Spinna’s rastafarian topline punches through the mix effortlessly, creating the cohesion that bonds the promised land of Jamaica to suburban and gritty UK culture. We can say with chest that Spinna is the first of his kind, and should be proud to be titled the Pioneer of this refreshing sub-genre.

Promoters, festivals, fans, and haters, roll out the carpet, the Pioneer of Yaad Drill is back, and this time he’s here to stay – verified.

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