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Founder of Podcast Management Solutions, Giuliano Gonzalez, Connects Entrepreneurs with Podcast Hosts to Share Important Business Tips



Like most of us nowadays, Giuliano Gonzalez is one of the many people who wanted to find a way to make money online. Because of his perseverance and creativity, he has created a niche market where he was able to find his success in business while helping others tread their own path. 

Here’s how his story began. 

Creating a Podcast Where People Can Learn From 

While many online entrepreneurs have forged a successful career online, Giuliano realized that learning from them is not easy. Many will charge ridiculous amounts just to teach the basics of how to get into the game and rise above the competition. 

This gave Giuliano the idea to start a podcast where he would interview all these successful people to ease the frustration of not tapping into their knowledge and the desire to learn from them. 

He started the Millennial Success together with his best friend, Justin Holland, and within 30 days, they had done 50 interviews with over 5,000 downloads. From then, Giuliano started Podcast Management Solutions, where he currently manages podcasts for entrepreneurs. 

But despite all the tips that the entrepreneurs offer through the podcast, Giuliano believes that the best ideas are that of your own.

“Do not care about people’s opinion, focus on client service and delivery always, and learn to listen before you speak,” Giuliano said, highlighting how these helped him reach the status that he has now. 

Rising Above the Usual 

Going into his desire of making money from the internet, Giuliano has always seen himself as more than being confined to the nine to five workflow. 

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Giuliano has been able to replace the income from his original job within 30 days since he started his online business. 

In this life, the founder of Podcast Management Solutions has discovered that in this life, it’s all up to you to pave the way to be who you want to be and achieve your goals in any industry. 

“No one cares but you. Understand the importance of networking and value adding,” Giuliano said. 

By carefully assessing the market and finding a unique avenue from where he can make money from online, Giuliano has placed himself in a position that’s different from regular jobs. And in doing so, not only has he found accomplishments for himself, but he also serves as a middleman for podcast hosts and entrepreneurs so that the public can get started on making a name for themselves. 

For more information, visit Giuliano Gonzalez’s Instagram account. 

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