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From Citrus Sales to Global Broadcasting; Patrick Kelly is Making Waves With The Produce Industry Podcast



With technology bridging people despite the distance, thought leaders have created communities for various networks. Many people are already creating communities for freelancers, marketers, startup founders, content creators, and so on. There are, however, some industries that haven’t had this kind of privilege, like the produce industry. That is until Patrick Kelly launched The Produce Industry Podcast, a digital platform that hopes to bridge producers through its content, while claiming authority in all things around produce.

The Produce Industry Podcast is a virtual platform and resource created by successful entrepreneur Patrick Kelly. In order to educate aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, it offers a unique outlet. To turn his podcast into a valuable resource for those seeking on-demand materials and content on the ins and outs of the produce industry, Patrick desires to create a “hands-free” learning environment. 

Patrick worked solely as an entrepreneur before becoming a podcast host. As a producer, packer, shipper and manufacturer, he has gained valuable insight into all aspects of the produce industry’s business model. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the produce industry, the supply chain industry has been left out of the spotlight for far  too long and has been the least adaptable to digital transformation. Patrick believes this has to change, given how much our daily lives depend on supply chains, plus our reliance on fresh produce.

Patrick’s journey into the produce industry started through early exposure to his father’s business, which also focused on produce and supply chain. He would eventually have to exit the family business and start a venture from scratch. In fifteen years, the produce entrepreneur would build his own empire from the ground up, creating something he could call his own. With a meteoric rise, he moved from being a regional grower to citrus sales, then commanded top authority within The Produce Industry Podcast.

Many governing bodies praised and recognized Patrick’s exemplary work. As part of the Young and Smart Leaders on the Rise class of 2015, he was included in the list of the top 40 under 40. As a produce industry professional, he never let age or inexperience get in his way. 

The Produce Industry Podcast has created a beacon of digital transformation in an industry that has been slow to respond to modern age technology to assist in advancing their presence within a continuously evolving digital environment. After establishing himself in the produce industry, he guided other young entrepreneurs interested in the sector. Over the past few months, the Produce Industry Podcast has grown exponentially in following and influence. As of now, he is one of the world’s leading experts in produce. According to Patrick, more people could succeed in the produce industry if they had the right tools, network, and ability to embrace digital transformation. 

His podcast has also developed a strong-knit community of growers and producers, creating a bond within its circle that has helped its members drive. Today, Patrick hopes to grow that circle even more and invite more people to be a part of their movement to support the produce industry.. Patrick pulls from several source materials and pegs when developing his podcast, as he also loves listening to other podcasts like Private Club Radio, Freakanomics Audio, Produce Common Sense Podcast, EntreEd Talk, Supply Chain Now,, and The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Patrick hopes that The Produce Industry Podcast continues to grow and help create more networks and opportunities for produce industry members.

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