Young minds have the tenacity and the inner drive to work for and accomplish more extraordinary things. The urge to go beyond the horizon, take risks, and embark on a journey that brings with it a great deal of mystery motivates them, pushes them, and eventually sets them on a path they envision themselves to be on. However, the first step they take defines their life ahead, and for 19-year-old Naomi Ekindi, it was the luxury fashion house, Dior. 

“My most notable career accomplishment was the start of my career,” shares model Naomi. Having debuted with Vogue and Dior, the influential young model caused ripples in the industry through her delicate, welcoming, and warm features. Her first official shoot was with Vogue Magazine June 2021 issue, which pushed her forward to work for other domains, and in the same year, she opened the show for Dior’s Paris Fashion Week in September. 

The show’s success put her name on the map, and she was soon adopted by the house of Dior, earning the title “Dior Baby” as a loyal and dedicated member. The Paris-based model began to work for many Dior projects, kickstarting her career as a woman of color and LGTBQ+ representative. Till the end of 2021, she worked with Dior on lookbooks, the official magazine, all featured shows, and even Dior Beauty. Moreover, she was the top choice and front face of two major couture campaigns. 

Dior and Vogue were the stepping stone into the world of fashion and growth, but with the pressure of modeling and film school, she decided to take a step back. Debuting with Dior, she was quickly known as one of the youngest and most immaculate supermodels. Earning support from the house of Dior, she began to take on fewer projects while also working with other notable brands; Missoni, Zadig, and Giambattista Valli. Balancing film and modeling, Naomi is resting her feet in the world of expression. 

Besides film and modeling, she is a writer whose prowess in expressive thought has enabled her to learn the art of storytelling. Tapping into the world of fashion expression once again, Naomi is set to resume her journey as Dior baby with the brand’s upcoming shows and perfume campaign. Moreover, in December, she is set to do her first show in Los Angeles, United States, for Celine. Her journey from Dior to Celine bespeaks her drive, motivation, and reliability as a model.

As a teen entering adulthood, Naomi has accomplished much more than the average person. She is an influential model, a voice for people of color and queer community, and one of the forefront models for Christian Dior. She is a living embodiment that success has nothing to do with age; instead, one can reach great heights if they have the passion, dedication, and tenacity to do so. 

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