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Author Gabriella Melrose: Some things must break apart in order for greater things to happen. 



Gabriella Melrose (born Gabriele Slizeviciute) is a popular author and female life coach located in London. She inspires women on social media with motivational quotes and videos and also helps them alter their lives with her book and individual consultations. She recently revealed her experience of abuse and betrayal by her ex-partner during the epidemic. This event inspired her to launch a life coaching business and create the book “How To Become A Strong Woman.” She is now successful in her own job and has formed a new partnership that is full of pleasure and love.

Gabriella was seeing an ex-boyfriend and posting about their relationship on social media in 2021. Even throughout the lockout, it seemed like the pair were satisfied until Gabriella began to publish less and less stuff, raising concerns about her safety. She then vanished without a trace. There was no news about the young lady, which was unusual for those who followed her on social media. She returned to Instagram three months later with stunning news about the separation and announced her departure from the UK for her native nation of Lithuania. She did not give many specifics about what led the relationship to fail.

After around four months, she disclosed that she was publishing a self-development book for women and shifting her profession from actor to female life coach. Gabriella worked in the entertainment business for many years, but her most recent toxic relationship caused her to reconsider what she wanted out of life and the path she wanted to pursue. Her book “How To Become A Strong Woman” was published in the summer of 2022 and was a huge hit. Gabriella discusses her life narrative in the book, including the break-up and violence.

She learned her spouse was cheating on her with her closest friend after two years of relationship. She was stunned and attempted to find explanations. When Gabriella questioned her partner’s behaviour, he reacted violently. “I recall losing confidence and needing to change.” “Who knew that in this situation, I would find myself and become stronger than ever,” Gabriella adds. She embarked on a journey of self-love that flipped her life upside down: she fell in love with herself, learned from her mistakes, and found a new professional path as an author and life coach.

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