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Gen-Z Voice Joey Sendz Pardoned By Instagram



Joey Sendz Pardoned by Instagram

The outspoken 21-year-old entrepreneur and influencer Joey Sendz has been pardoned by Instagram and reinstated on the platform. After nearly a year of being banned by Meta, the team has reinstated his account with no notice as to why. 

Joey Sendz garnered incredible attention for his work in the press and crypto world – being an early adopter of Bitcoin when he was 16 years old in 2017. He has since garnered over 100k followers on Instagram, and over 500k on TikTok. Unfortunately, all this came to a halt in early 2022 when Joey was abruptly banned from Instagram without explanation from the platform.

Fans Speculate Reasons for Ban

Almost immediately after Joey’s ban on Instagram, many took to Twitter to speculate the reason behind his departure from the social media giant. Many speculated that it could have been due to Joey’s outspoken nature against regulations and restrictions imposed by governments across the world at the height of the pandemic. Others noted that the ban may have been due to the increasing number of takedown requests made against him and his content by other influencers or competitors.

While Instagram took down his account, his TikTok standing remained in tact, despite dozens of his videos being taken down by the platform.

Joey Sendz Pardoned by Instagram

As of March 2023, much to everyone’s surprise, Instagram has reversed its decision and pardoned Joey Sendz, allowing him back onto the platform and restoring access to his original account with all its followers intact. This was heralded as a victory for freedom of speech by many who felt that Joey had been wrongly silenced due to unfair criticism from third parties or government interference.

Upon being reinstated, Joey stated, “I’m glad that zuck finally came around.” In todays day and age many people, including Joey, base their business around building their social media following. Cases like this where that following which took years to built gets taken is unfortunate.

Already Posting

Immediately after being reinstated, Joey Sendz made a simple post on his Instagram story merely stating “1 yr later I’m back.”

In conclusion, despite facing difficult circumstances, Joey Sendz has used his passion for creativity, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency investments to achieve success on social media – inspiring others along the way. The events of 2022 showed us that even influential figures can be subject to similar restrictions as everyday people if they go too far outside social norms – but also attesting to how powerful public support can be when fighting against censorship.