Many people are unaware of how to manufacture happiness and so rely on inappropriate dopamine delivery behaviors. The purpose of life is to be happy . Many individuals struggle with the quest for happiness and succumb to despair and worry. Only when we are experiencing negative emotions do we feel motivated to learn how to change ;how to feel in control; how to establish agency in our lives.

We are here to provide expert guidance on how to overcome these bouts of unhappiness organically. To discover more about it keep reading until the end.

  1. Engage in physical activity

Dividing your focus and doing something other than sitting idle can be a huge help in elevating your mood. Most of us especially myself as a psychologist spend a lot of time sitting BUT we are built to move; to get to work; to find a mate ; to get food. These all involve movement. You may begin by introducing just 15 minutes of physical exercise into your daily routine. Research shows that this will leave you feeling energized. Regular exercise will help you feel physically fit allowing you destroy two targets with one arrow. It can allow you to experience awe ,to become aware of the beauty around you.

  • Eating your way to happiness

Food has the capacity to alter your mood. A healthy diet will give you important nutrients to eradicate the negativity that is causing negative moods by promoting positive thoughts so you not only feed your body but also your mind. You fill your body with healthy nutrients but you also feed your mind with positive thoughts .We all get busy and stressed out and that’s the time for healthy eating and positive thoughts which tend to fly out the window when we are so distressed.

  • Reduce screen time

This is necessary since most of us are distracted with screens. The biggest cause of anxiety these days is comparing our lives to others through social media and believing that we are not better than they. It is time to put an end to this since it has already destroyed many lives and we should be grateful for what we have . Instead of experiencing a fear of missing out how about enjoying the joy of missing out ? You didn’t do what others did; you didn’t go on that great trip but you chose to spend time wisely engaged in activities that produce a meaningful life

  • Self-care

This may quickly alleviate negative emotions and starts with believing in yourself and focusing on your abilities. The ability to take care of yourself, to self soothe ,to be mindful helps you recharge your batteries and in turn help others. So it’s not only a morale booster but it leads to a healthier happier life for you and for the people around you.

Taking time to be mindful to savor; to be grateful for what we have give us the impetus to move forward with optimism.

  • Gratitude

On awakening think of going on the highway to gratitude. Make a mental list of a few things that you are grateful for.

  • Time Affluence

Choosing to spend time engaging in activities that enhance your life for example of visit with friends a concert , a trip to an art gallery, a museum. Choose to make time for these activities or similar activities to these. In order to do this do you need to free up time? do you need to work fewer hours? Do you need to delegate some of your chores to others so that you have that extra time?

Learning From The Psychologist Dr Joan Neehall

Doctor Joan Neehall has been assisting people in how to generate happiness and as even written books about it. She offers 35 years of experience as a clinical psychologist with a forensic specialization. She’s a graduate from the University of Toronto and has diplomate status in forensic psychology. Her books, happy is the new healthy and habits of a happy life provide all the information you need to manufacture happiness on your own. Everyone needs a dose of happiness especially since we seem to be off and running on empty. She teaches that failures are natural part of life and that we should embrace it as an opportunity to grow utilizing the growth mindset. You can learn more about her by visiting her website and

“People who use my happiness control panel can become more resilient . When you learn to create your own happiness you will have accomplished half of your goals because you will have the strength to tackle lives challenges and setbacks while dealing with your fears head on.”