Danny Nolton, aka Big Rockk is the owner and operator of Rockk Customz Grillz, a booming high-end grillz business in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. “Grillz” are decorative coverings for teeth, usually made of gold or other precious metal. In the hip-hop culture, grillz are worn by men and women to showcase their wealth and status in society. Teeth grillz are attractive and display the individuality of the person through the unique design they may choose to wear.

Rockk Customz Grillz manufactures high quality grillz that are rust resistant and made of pure gold or authentic diamonds such as VVS diamonds. If you are looking for high quality, supreme design, and purchase ease, then Rockk Customz Grillz is where you want to purchase your new or replacement grill from! Danny Nolton is an expert at making custom grillz and jewelry. He also provides services such as tooth gems or jewels, partial denture veneers, and teeth-whitening services. Not only do Rockk Customz Grillz offer a wide range of services, they also have the fastest delivery.

Danny Nolton, the proud owner of Rockk Customz Grillz comes from a humble beginning, but he had the courage and perseverance to achieve his dreams of being self-employed and providing a unique and fun service. Danny measures his success by comparing where he began to where he is now, his hard work is constantly pushing him towards the type of success he is looking to achieve. He believes that he still has much more to accomplish. Danny states that his greatest challenge “was striking a balance between his personal and professional life.” Being a full-time father, loving partner to the mother of his kids, in addition to running a business, is challenging and filled with pros and cons. However, Danny enjoys his work-life balance and would not trade it for anything in the world. He has realised that, with proper communication and balance, he can be both a good father, a loving partner, and a successful business owner.

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