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Glenn Rodriguez, who goes by the stage name Puerto Reefa, is an emerging hip hop artist from Augusta, Georgia. As a young teen, the sounds of Gucci Mane and OJ the Juiceman sparked his interest in hip hop, and he began beatboxing and rapping with his friends during lunch breaks. However, Puerto Reefa’s upbringing was not without its struggles. Both of his parents battled drug addiction, leading him to fend for himself as early as age 11. Despite these challenges, he managed to graduate high school and attend college in Marietta, Georgia.

It wasn’t until a chance encounter at a family member’s wedding that Puerto Reefa met Tra Porter, Co CEO of Atlanta-based recording label CVE The Label. The two hit it off, and Porter’s encouragement led Puerto Reefa to finish his EP, which he named “Therapy.”

One of the standout tracks from the EP is “PME” or “Protecting My Energy”. The song is a powerful testament to Puerto Reefa’s lyrical abilities, as well as his willingness to speak candidly about his struggles with mental health and personal growth. The music video for the song “PME” has received a lot of attention on YouTube, garnering more than 30,000 views in a span of less than ten days.

At a private listening party for “Therapy,” DJ Brad, the founder of Legion of Doom DJs, called PME “one of the biggest songs of 2023 from an indie artist.” Tra Porter himself has high hopes for the EP, stating that it will be the “birth of another Georgia star.”

For Puerto Reefa, music is therapy, and he hopes to use his platform to help others who may be struggling. He states, “I’m just giving everyone a look into my life, and I’m willing to share what others are scared to share. This is therapy on tracks.”

Puerto Reefa’s music is a reflection of his life experiences, and his ability to channel those experiences into meaningful lyrics is what sets him apart. He speaks to the struggles and pain that many people face, but he also offers hope and inspiration for those looking to overcome their obstacles.

As Puerto Reefa continues to gain recognition in the music industry, his story serves as a reminder that success is possible, even in the face of adversity. His EP “Therapy” is a powerful testament to the healing power of music, and it is sure to resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

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