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Get To Know Upcoming DJ “DJ JSav”



Meet DJ JSav an upcoming DJ born & raised in Nashville, TN. Growing up in the Parkwood Apartments JSav went through the Nashville Public School System kindergarden through 8th grade while spending his 9th grade year in Rutherford County Schools before finishing & graduation back in Metro Nashville at McGavock High School. During High School not only was JSav a top DJ, but he was also ranked #5 in the state at wrestling. Beginning to DJ in High School J Sav decided to throw his first party at the age of 16. Ever since then things have taken off drastically for JSav & don’t seem to be calming down anytime soon. We got to connect with JSav & ask him a few questions about his come up!

How Did You First Get Started In Your Career?

“Djing is a generational hobby in my family. My pops Dj’d in the Philippines when he was in the Air Force, also my cousin “DJ Benji Rich” who still DJ’s originally got me interested into picking up the family hobby. I ended up throwing my first party at 16 & packed out the whole building. I just kept throwing parties and Djing more & more at 17. I finally started Djing college parties & club events & that’s around the same time I met my manager “DJ TexasTrill”. Now at 19 I’m one of the most known DJ’s on the campus of Tennessee State University.”

As A DJ What Are The Top 3 Things You Make Sure To Do To Keep A Crowd Engaged & Happy?

•“The first thing I would say is I make sure I look & read my crowd to see what their feeling or to see what the vibes are looking like. I don’t like when DJ’s keep their heads in their macbooks & dont pay enough attention to the crowd.

•The second thing I do is I always make sure to have something up my sleeve in case I need to get the crowd moving real quick. I don’t know about these other DJ’s, but I always have a quick mix I can do that will get everybody moving. I can do some 90’s, 2000’s, dance mixes, Tik Tok mix, and even an R&B mix. You never know when I’m Djing I always got a surprise.

•Last but not least I always feed off my crowd, if their singing their hearts out then we’ll sing til we cant no more, If we turning up then we’re going to turn all the way up. As a DJ you have to know when to switch it up, just know were gonna be switching it up alot if you’re partying with JSav.”

What Would You Say Has Been The Hardest Challenge For You Since You’ve Started?

“The hardest challenge to me is trying to get to that next level at such a young age. I feel it’s different when your older & you’ve been doing it for so long, but when your the young bull trying to be a radio DJ or a platform DJ things can be difficult getting it but worth every bit.”

How Did You Meet Texas Trill & Eventually Become Apart Of “The Ring”?

“I met Trill when I was still in High School I was either 16 or 17. We started off with “The Ring”High School Edition which started off pretty damn good packing out each time. Ever since then it’s been lit she became my manager & has introduced me to alot of people. As a young DJ coming into the industry she showed me how to properly brand myself.”

What Are Some Things We Can Expect From You In The Near Future?

“I have so much coming up soon! JSav Merch is dropping soon, more mixes are coming I’m just trying to figure out a way to upload mixes directly to youtube without it being copyrighted.”

The future looks very bright for DJ JSav. If your interested in staying tapped in with JSav be sure to follow his social media linked below!

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