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Getting Rich Tips: Spend Your Time and Money Wisely



Having difficulty in using money wisely? A book named Secrets Digital Business, written by the famous entrepreneur Valentin Luboya, offers business solutions to entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and provide ways to get rich. The author has also shared a couple of strategies with people regarding how to spend their time and money wisely in another book of his called ‘The Wealth 2021’ available on

Secrets Digital Business discusses prosperity as a journey that demands some planning and change. Valentintalks about what many people been thinking for a couple of years – managing  money wisely. Valentin Luboya’s book motivates those who want to become rich but cannot make an effective financial plan. 

Everyone has dreams about winning the lottery and getting rich overnight. Buying expensive homes and cars, but not thinking of saving money or spending wisely. Valentin Luboya, in his book, explains quite easily what being rich is. According to Valentin, it is a state of mind.

One could be rich but still poor. Reason? Poor money management. Not Keeping track of  expenses and not having a clear picture of where the money goes can make it difficult to reach financial objectives. 

Want to change your life? Let’s get into it.

Secrets Digital Business– Tips to Manage Your Time and Money Wisely

People doesn’thave to be an expert in the personal finance or have an extensive portfolio. They just have to adopt a few habits so that they can be smarter with every dollar. Here are some recommendations from Valentin Luboya’s book that will help many achieve their financial goals.  


A financial plan is more about how much of your paycheck is left after the bills are paid. Financial planning is a continuous process that helps peoplemake better decisions about how to spend their money. It assists individuals in achieving their objectives by ensuring that their funds are properly managed. Most people’s plan starts with thinking about what they want to do? What they are doing,and what their goals are. Creating a budget is a vital part of any financial plan and helps people achieve thier goal – to be rich. 

Plan Your Purchase

From the above point, we conclude, that planning is the key to success. Spending money wisely is not an exception. If one wants to be smart with money, they have to plan for the purchase which means establishing objectives and techniques to gain the most value in a certain purchase. Buying something you just feel like is often a wrong financial decision. It’s better to avoid impulse purchases.

Give Yourself a Treat

Studies have shown that small treats and bounty rewards such as giving oneself an occasional and slightly expensive gift can help many people focus on their goal better. Think of it as a cheat day, keep in mind to spending wisely, and strive for the end goal.

If anyone wants to spend their time and money wisely, they should give ‘Secrets Digital Business‘ a read. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but it is the most important one. 

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