Telemedicine is a critical part of the changing medical landscape, providing access to people with a simple click of a button. One of the most prominent telemedicine companies is Nu Image Medical, headed by CEO Andreas Dettlaff.

Read on to learn more about who Andreas Dettlaff is, what he stands for, his plans for Nu Image Medical and why Andreas Dettlaff is the face of the future for telemedicine.

Who Is Andreas Dettlaff?

Andreas Dettlaff is the CEO and founder of Nu Image Medical. As a young child, he was very into sports. As Dettlaff grew up, that love for sports drew him to the health and wellness of those around him. Eventually, he began Nu Image Medical with his New Jersey primary care provider to assist real people.

Nu Image Medical has one mission – to help as many people as possible to live their best lives, free from health troubles. They are a tech-centric company, focusing on the future and improving its system.

Andreas Dettlaff has extensive experience in the telehealth world. He and his team focus on hormone therapy, weight loss, and anti-aging techniques. He seeks to improve the quality of life for all who access Nu Image Medical.

A Desire To Assist

A desire to assist those in need sits at the core of Nu Image Medical. Tons of companies are focused on making quick cash by seeing as many patients as possible in a short amount of time. Dettlaff takes Nu Image Medical in a different direction, instead focusing on making a real difference in his patients’ lives.

Their need to help is why Nu Image Medical is one of the best in telemedicine. Dettlaff’s compassion is the secret. What started as a company to address hormone imbalances, grew into much more. Today, Nu Image Medical is proud to serve both men and women in all 50 states across the nation.

A Solid Vision

Not only does Dettlaff have the desire to assist, but he also has a solid vision for the future. He wants to make Nu Image Medical the go-to for all needs with a focus on men’s health.

Dettlaff’s vision is evident in the number of people he has helped with hormone therapy and beyond. He also cares strongly for men’s mental health, addressing anxiety and depression along with other health troubles.

Much deserved attention has gone to Dettlaff’s vision, including a partnership with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

The Future Of Nu Image Medical

While Andreas Dettlaff started Nu Image Medical nearly 15 years ago, that doesn’t mean he is anywhere near done. The future of Nu Image Medical is bright, focusing on making themselves the main go-to for general wellness and hormone optimization. Dettlaff’s goal is to make Nu Image Medical a widely trusted authority on what can be embarrassing issues for people.

This company is still new, but it’s made tremendous progress in the years it has been in action. It’s on an incredible rise and it will be exciting to see where CEO Andreas Dettlaff takes Nu Image Medical in the future. The sky’s the limit for Andreas Dettlaff and Nu Image Medical.

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