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Gigi Pereyra: The Insta-Famous Business Mogul Breaking Into the Nightlife Industry



Gigi Pereyra is an award-winning business entrepreneur and Instagram influencer who is making waves in the nightlife industry with her new club, Toxic Lounge.

The club, located in Orlando, Florida, is quickly becoming the hottest spot in town, thanks to Pereyra’s passion and energy. Since opening the club ,it has become a go-to destination for nightlife enthusiasts.

Pereyra is no stranger to the nightlife scene. She’s has a passion for traveling and visiting other countries nightlife and hidden gems.she’s gone on to create a successful business that now boasts an impressive list of events and clubs.

At Toxic Lounge, Pereyra has created a unique atmosphere that blends her signature style with music from the hottest DJs in town. The club features an impressive sound system, world-class bartenders and servers, and an intimate setting with plenty of space for dancing.

In addition to her club, Pereyra is active on Instagram (@gigiipereyra) where she shares her day-to-day life and experiences with over 100-Thousand followers. She’s also been featured in several publications, include Vogue and Vent Mag for her work as an influencer and entrepreneur and spokesman-ship at women conventions.

Pereyra credits her success to her hard work, determination, and strong networking skills.

Pereyra’s success is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, proving that anything is possible if you work hard and follow your dreams. With her passion and dedication, she’s creating a platform where people can come together to dance, drink, and enjoy life. And that’s exactly what Toxic Lounge is all about.  

The club offers an electric atmosphere, with state of the art lighting and sound, as well as a variety of music genres to suit every taste. From hip-hop to Latin, there’s something for everyone at Toxic Lounge. Even Rated Best Club In Orlando Florida by “Orlando Nightlife Group”

The interior of the club is colorful and vibrant, with large video screens and neon-colored furniture.

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