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GPS Your Cats & Dogs-Alarming Pet Theft on the Rise



Animals are viewed very differently in the US than in other countries. American pet owners are attached to their beloved pets as we see them interacting with them all over the country. Owners are quick to notice when their pets go missing or do not check-in for their normal activities, such as eating or relaxing. It is not uncommon to see “Missing Pet Signs” posted on utility poles or community mailboxes in complexes with multi-tenant units in the same neighborhoods as pet owners. There is no doubt that most people have experienced trying to find a lost pet. Are the pets getting lost while returning home? 

This proposition is unlikely, as referenced in Time Magazine, pets navigate using magnetism which utilizes north-south lines of the earth’s magnetic fields. Domesticated pets use a combination of magnetism and their god-given senses to locate key landmarks.It has been reported that a cat has found his way back home after being away for 2 months and more than 200 miles from his original location. Around the world, there are numerous tales and similar feats of pets that have captured readers’ attention . In other words, if animals have scientifically backed “internal GPS systems,” how do they get lost? Are there any other contributing factors at play?

Perhaps an alarming statistic will shed light. More than 70% of US households are affected by pet theft. This disturbing trend would be justified in alerting new pet owners. Pet theft is now a growing concern across the United States, with over 80% of cats and dogs not being located again after they have gone missing. Although social media is sometimes helpful in locating those affected, the odds are still stacked against pets who have recently gone missing.

In general, criminals target purebred breeds, such as French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, and other highly regarded breeds. The threat of pet theft comes amid a tumultuous time when most citizens are struggling with pandemics, inflation, and increasing demands. 

Microchips typically come with a 25-year warranty, which is longer than the lifespan of an average dog or cat. Dogs and cats can be chipped with microchips that are inserted slightly below the skin of the animal and provide the owner with a guarantee of 25 years. Once a lost pet is found, it can easily be scanned so that the family can reunite with the pet again.

Using a trackable GPS collar is another more effective measure that can be configured with most Android or iOS devices, and which can be used to locate an animal with the best possible GPS coordinates. Most GPS pet-collars range in cost from $19.99-$49.99, sold through most leading retailers nationwide. 

A cautionary measure is for US owners to ensure the continued existence of their beloved pets by making the necessary investments.

By doing this, children and adults will be spared a lot of stress and the heartache that comes from having their best friends taken away from them.

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