As the holiday season approaches, Great American Family’s annual Christmas movie event is already in full swing. This beloved tradition, known as the “Great American Christmas,” began earlier this year than expected, bringing festive joy to viewers across the nation. With 20 new heartwarming films set to premiere between October and December, this article explores the highlights of this holiday movie marathon and the vision behind Great American Media’s family-friendly entertainment programming.

The Early Start to the Festive Season

Candace Cameron Bure, the chief creative officer at Great American Media, surprised audiences by announcing the commencement of the Great American Christmas event a week ahead of schedule. This event, which started on October 13, promises to deliver a heartwarming and entertaining holiday experience to viewers of all ages.

The Movie Lineup

The event’s inaugural film, “Destined 2: Christmas Once More,” set the tone for the season on October 14. The plot revolves around a man planning a heartfelt Christmas proposal to his girlfriend, adding a touch of romance to the holiday spirit. Subsequent Saturdays have seen the release of films like “‘Twas the Text Before Christmas,” starring Merritt Patterson and Trevor Donovan, and “Bringing Christmas Home,” featuring Jill Wagner and Paul Greene. These movies are designed to warm hearts and bring families together during the festive season.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Vision

Candace Cameron Bure, a well-known Christian actress who gained fame through the 1990s sitcom “Full House,” has played a pivotal role in shaping Great American Family’s Christmas event. Her passion for inspiring people to live with purpose led her to join the media company as an executive. Bure’s vision aligns perfectly with GAC’s commitment to creating compelling, wholesome content for a family-oriented audience.

A Controversial Stance

In November of the previous year, Bure stirred controversy when she stated that GAC Christmas romance films would not include LGBT romance storylines. She affirmed the company’s dedication to preserving traditional marriage values, despite facing criticism. Bure emphasized her love and respect for all viewers, regardless of their opinions.

In Summary

The Great American Family’s Christmas movie marathon promises to be a heartwarming and memorable experience for audiences. With an impressive lineup of 20 new films and Candace Cameron Bure’s dedication to family-friendly content, this event embodies the spirit of the holiday season.