If you are planning a trip to visit the city of York, make sure you come with time to get the full experience this cathedral city has to offer. Three days are sufficient to make a trip to the city, explore the many wonders and facets of this spectacular town, and feel at ease the whole time. 

You will find many great places to stay and great hotel deals in York in both in the city centre itself, as well as in the surrounding areas and regions. We would advise you to book your trip and plan to avoid disappointment and dilemmas on the way. 

Follow the simple guide below to enjoy a trip through York — a city that will captivate the mind and enrapture the imagination. 


Day One — the first thing to do is to grab your travel item, and get yourself over to York where your Yorkish adventure can begin. This can be done by bus or train. Your trip is a great time to view the beautiful countryside surrounding the city and envision the small and great events that have shaped a history that dates back to 71 ACE. 

You may also take some time to read up on the city and learn more about the interesting places you will find. 

Explore The York City Wall

What better way to enjoy a commanding view of this ancient city than climbing the fortifications and viewing the city from above. The York City Wall stretches all around the city of York and has defended Yorkish citizens from onslaughts since the time of the ancient Romans.

Best of all the wall is FREE to enjoy all day long. But no one is permitted up there after dark — for certain scrupulous reasons. 

Swoon at St. Mary’s Abbey

The Ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey are one of the most chilling and beautiful spots in the entire city. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, these picturesque surroundings can evoke emotions from across the spectrum. Built in 1088, this iconic abbey was transformed into the King’s Palace when the monks were pensioned off in 1540. It has since fallen to ruin. Set aside a few hours to explore this abbey extensively — though it would take years to unlock all of its secrets.  

Gawk, Goggle, and Stare in Grand York Minster

One of the largest cathedrals in Europe is also located in York: the Grand York Minster. You will be expected to pay a fee to walk through these hallowed halls, but it is well worth the token price for admission. The attractions throughout its alcoves and towers are many, but the intricate and stunningly beautiful stained-glass windows are the primary attraction. 

Day Two — the second day of the trip will only be better as you will have a good idea of what this city is all about and have more time to explore. 

Ooze along the River Ouse

You should begin with a trip down the River Ouse (pronounced: ooze). And there is something mystically charming about boating down this tranquil river in the early morning hours and seeing the world awaken all around. For obvious reasons, this is not a trip that can be made during the Winter months. Only those visiting between April and October can enjoy the river ride. 

Amble through Shambles Market

The Shambles Market has more than 70 different stalls and is the best place in town to fill your belly with some delicious foods. Stop by here for lunch after your boat trip and take some time to look over the many options. 

You can take some time to hear about the current attractions in town and consider adjusting your plans accordingly. For example, there is a Ghostly Bus that lurks through the shadows of the city in the dark of night. This can provide an especially ghastly view of the dark side of York — if you are so inclined. 

Bask in the Brilliance of Grand Opera House 

If gallivanting around York in a ghoulish terror on wheels is not your cup of tea, then perhaps something a little more sophisticated. The Grand Opera House is a marvel to behold and in full operation. The perfect place to end awash in a veritable lagoon of style, art, and culture. There is no telling what will be showing tonight, theater productions, comedians, concerts, or maybe an honest to god opera.

Day Three — The final day in York should be a little more relaxed as you prepare to leave the city and wrap up your visit. While you will already be reeling from the excitement so far, the best is yet to come. Our next visit will allow you to take a little bit of York away with you.

Visit the York Chocolate Factory

The York Chocolate Factory in Rowntree is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys the delectable food or is simply interested in the breathtaking perfection of chocolate production. It will take a few hours to complete a tour of the entire factory — which is why we saved it for last. Make sure to grab some samples of delectable chocolates for family and friends so they can also partake in your journey.