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GRIT is a finance media company built for the new era



GRIT Capital is an online media site that’s revolutionizing the way financial content is
delivered and democratizing institutional-quality insights for the masses to help the “new
era” of investors on their investment journey.
Subscribers are kept up to date on the latest news and developments in the financial
sectors with fresh entertaining, engaging, educational, and actionable content delivered
to them every morning in GRIT’s Daily newsletter.
GRIT was founded by Genevieve Roch-Decter—a former +$100MM money manager—
who left Wall Street (the Canadian equivalent) on a mission to arm the new era
investors. Launched less than two years ago, the company believes it can grow its
community into the millions, a goal it has already made great progress towards with
over 600,000 followers across social media.
In addition to its wildly popular Daily newsletter, GRIT subscribers enjoy weekly roundup
newsletters highlighting the key happenings in the finance world as well as a weekly
flagship email that explores—in a helpful and informative way—current market themes.
Thanks to its unique and high-quality content, GRIT makes an exceptional resource for
both new and experienced investors alike. As such, its subscriber base boasts hedge
funds, investment advisors, and billionaires alongside tens of thousands of retail
investors, all of whom go to GRIT for the daily dose of stock & deal insights. All for free.
Don’t believe us? GRIT Capital is the #1 FREE finance newsletter and a top ten paid
newsletter on Substack! The majority of people find its newsletters to be very helpful,
informative, and enjoyable because it gives them a sense of who GRIT is as well as
what they stand for – which is fun & witty (great memes) but serious about investing &
ROI (return on investment).
With a team of talented financial writers—a few of which are current money managers—
you know you’re in for an informative and fun journey when you sign up for GRIT.
So, what are you waiting for? GRIT Capital is only a URL away…see you there!

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