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Hassan Composer is not someone you can get tired of listening to



Hassan Composer is not someone you can get tired of listening to. The artist was born with music in his soul and has been active in it since his childhood. The artist recently released a single called “i Love You”, which comes as a message of heartfelt love to his wife.

Hassan Composer is an extremely talented artist of Moroccan origin who has shaped his style, absorbing different musical influences and combining them perfectly together. Gifted with a sensible and natural artistic instinct, Hassan studied music theory at the Conservatory of Arab Music and, in 2002, he joined the Moroccan Arab Song Orchestra. Born in the beautiful city of Casablanca,

Hassan Composer lives in Paris, France, where he creates his interesting and iconic compositions. “In Your Eyes” is a great track. We appreciate Hassan’s fantastic melodies and excellent vocal performance behind the mic. Yet we can also feel the incredible arrangements that give this track a timeless and modern appeal. The multitude of instruments from different cultures blends seamlessly, creating engaging harmonies and leaving the listener in a dreamlike state of mind.

 This title is proof of the incredible maturity of a talented artist. ‘My New Life” Omri Ettani”‘, along with the haunting ‘Gouli’, are just a few of Hassan’s intriguing and enthusiastic compositions, and we look forward to hearing his upcoming albums and hopefully an album. complete soon!

Hassan delivers deep lyrics explaining why he loves her. The dazzling and deep music brings this disc even more to life.
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