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Heat: On The Rise Artist That Is Putting Out Some Amazing Content For His Fans This Year



Heat aka HIGHHEAT is an on the rise artist from New York. New York City seems to be producing a ton of talent. Within the last 2 years New York natives have been thriving within the industry. Heat has been creating music now for a few years. He started his musical career as a group called “HIGHHEAT”, but due to internal issues the group did not work out. He decided to keep the name for himself and pursue music as an independent solo artist. His latest release was dropped in Febuary 2021 and the song was titled “Notepad”.This song is on all platforms including Tidal, Spotify, Itunes and more outlets. Heat states “ I would hope to be seen as a diverse and lyrical artist who can spit his flare on any track.” Currently Heat is working on his EP and giving his fans what they have been waiting for which is good quality music. CrossArms Production Company oversees a lot of his content,to assist in the Heats brand growth and come up. On his musical journey Heat has learned “ To stay humble, have a team that supports your dreams and goals and to never stop learning. Always work on your craft and never forget where you came from.” Right now you can purchase and stream his single “Rollin” Featuring FWZ now on all musical platforms. This single is smooth, lyrical and a grown and sexy record that all listeners will enjoy. Make sure you tune into Heats social media and currently releases. You do not want to miss any new projects.

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