An entrepreneur, unlike many other professions, does not really require a degree to succeed. If you had to choose one thing to say about your business, what would it be? Entrepreneurship can feel like walking a tightrope without a safety net. There you prove yourself to be different from the pack, where very few tend to travel. It can be a perilous journey, with one person left to fall back on.

Many entrepreneurs have reached higher echelon levels  of success when they tap into experts who have already attained higher levels of earnings.Success requires assistance, but following the footsteps of thought leaders within an industry is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

In addition to being a former pastor and now a coach, Ken Joslin is a successful real estate professional who has a heart for helping others achieve their success.

It would seem that Joslin wants more for the entrepreneurs than for them to become an employee in their own business. Ken students are taught to think big and consider strategies that increase the value of their business, both financially and to their clients. Using his business coaching, business leaders are taught to build authentic relationships with customers and to lead by example. 

Ken is more disruptive than other coaches in the industry because he has a deep reservoir of passion for what he does, ensuring that his knowledge and experience are utilized to help others.As a result of his track record of success, he leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for his students to follow. He has closed more than $250M transactions in his real estate business, leaving no doubts about his effectiveness as a leader.

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Ken educates his students to identify the blind spots that hinder business growth. Many entrepreneurs operate out of fear or anxiety, putting blinders to many aspects of their business. When emotions are involved, self-imposed limitations are often self-inflicted. Founder of Grow Stack Drive, Ken has helped his students identify emotional issues quickly and provide them with emotional freedom that allows them to succeed in life and business. GSD’s main goal is to create a product of highly effective and confident leaders. In order to achieve exponential growth, every founder must have the confidence and wisdom to know exactly what drives the needle of success at all times.

Entrepreneurship can be stressful, and many business owners put in 20-hour days to make ends meet. Creative thinking and brainstorming  new revenue-generating ideas are casualties of long hours. Joslin and his team have helped countless companies build long-term relationships with their clients, thereby increasing their companies’ value by a factor of 10.

Additionally, Joslin and the GSD Team have helped to bridge knowledge gaps that exist between teams that impact good decision-making, and refocus members on specific benchmarks and goals to pursue. GSD  has received top accolades from top guns in the industry such as Brad Lea and Grant Cardone.

Ken is determined, passionate and true to himself and to his clients. So get ready, buckle-up, and be on the lookout for Ken Joslin whose legendary status is developing as we speak.

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