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Intelligence is fixed from birth, but success can be earned through hard work and determination. The phrase completely fits Dr. Howard Gitlow. He is an extraordinarily talented Six Sigma Master Black Belt. His tireless work and contributions to many sectors of the economy are remarkable; they are the reasons behind his global popularity. Dr. Gitlow possesses the traits of passion for improvement and innovation, optimism, persistence, creativity, self-discipline, and self-confidence. He accelerated his learning curve by standing on the shoulders of the process improvement and innovation giants that preceded him.


“Success or failure are not the ends of the journey; rather, it is the journey itself that is the sweet fruit of life (Howard Gitlow).” To be successful, one must have a feeling of fulfillment and pleasure as a result of living a certain way of life or participating in a particular activity. In order to achieve success in any job or aspect of life, a mix of serious work and a little degree of luck is required. Determination is one of the most important factors in achieving success, and it may possibly be the most important key to achieving success.

Dr. Gitlow earned his bachelor’s degree in statistics in 1969, his MBA in 1972, and his doctorate in statistics in 1974. Along with that, he completed a commendable set of Continuing Education Courses (Massive Open Online Courses, called MOOCs on Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management) and Publications. Dr. Howard Gitlow was also selected by Dr. Deming as the firstCo-Executive Director of the Deming Institute at the University of Miami.

He has received numerous awards for best researcher and best teacher, among other distinctions, at the University of Miami during his 45-year tenure as of 2022. His extraordinary creativity and talent were repeatedly recognized and praised. Fortunately, his ambitions were crystal clear, which enabled him to progress to where he is today. Dr. Howard Gitlow hassynthesized 4 areas of knowledge into a style of management called Deming-based Lean Six Sigma Management.


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