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Hip-hop Artist Zo0ky is Ready to Share His Music with the World



Hip-hop Artist Zo0ky is Ready to Share His Music with the World 

Inspired by Tyler the Creator, Lil Ugly Mane, and MF Doom, Zo0ky is a recently started DIY hip-hop artist from Glasgow, Scotland who’s  in the industry to have fun and celebrate music. 

And although he’s ready to make himself known for his craft, Zo0ky still knows the importance of staying true and caring for oneself.  

An Outlet for His Music 

Zo0ky wasn’t always into hip-hop as he is now. 

His career started after injuring his arm while on a gig with his band where he was a drummer. Needing an outlet to unleash his creativity, he looked for other avenues until he came across hip-hop.
With this new venture, the artist from Glasgow is satisfied that he’s found something that he enjoys doing. 

“[I’m] just happy [that] I can make music again. And having people around that want to help me make it happen is all the success you could ever ask for to me. No better trophy than belief from those you respect,” he said. 

Zo0ky added that if he can position himself to have even one song that would make him known throughout Scotland, he’ll already be happy.

Ready to Release Music

“I have new stuff in the works [that] you could consider singles or an EP (extended play) but no working name yet. My goals are to keep building my fanbase and getting better at what I do for myself to prove I can do it,” Zo0ky said. 

For the DIY hip-hop artist, hard work means everything in making things happen. 

“From someone that is quite lazy usually, I’ve never put so much work into something in my life,” he said. 

Keeping Himself in Check 

Although he has been working hard on his music and gearing himself to make it accessible to more people, Zo0ky hardly forgets to make sure that he’s still mentally well to continue what he started. 

“Keeping your mental health in check and not letting it control you, if you feel like going for something just do it as the only person stopping you is you. Never go into it like it’s got to be done but rather that you want to get it done,” he said

By doing so, not only does he secure the creation of quality music, but also his well-being to continue doing what he loves to do. 

Listen to Zo0ky’s works on the following sites:

Instagram: @mintedrats


Spotify: Zo0ky


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