DLobs annihilates those sick drill beats in “NO SHITS” with his sleek delivery; I mean, the way he floats over the beats like water and fits in perfectly with his visual wordplay and scholarly rhymes is something that will remain stuck in the back of your head for the rest of the day. 

Those catchy hooks will also get you humming along ecstatically. This performance will leave a lasting impression on you and get you pumped up and ready to face the day!

DLobs embodies resilience, a sheer will to succeed, and unwavering strength to survive. He is an enigmatic and tenacious force that channels his pain, struggles, triumphs, and all sorts of emotions into his music and delivers in a way many listeners can relate to. And that separates him from the pack—he is no ordinary rapper!

A banger like “NO SHITS” underscores that he makes music on another level…simply because he is one himself!

Not every Tuesday do you experience such rhythmically mesmerizing flows with an artist dancing over the beats with his visual wordplay, freakish cadences, and witty charms like DLobs does here. How he owns those drill-inspired hypnotic beats makes the self-proclaimed ‘rap and trap kings’ sound like a bad joke!

He is swift and effortless, shape-shifting over the beats, and keeps up with the rhythm—the mark of a first-class storyteller and performer!

“NO SHITS” is a single off of DLobs’ upcoming album “Growing Pains” that promises to take a listener through DLobs’ evolutionary journey through the adversities and challenges facing the successful artist who is still rearing to go until he stamps an indelible global imprint with his sound!

While delving deep into the creative process, DLobs felt that “Growing Pains” had to be a projection of his life and his journey through music: who he is, where he is from, and what music has meant to him. who he is, where he is from, and what music has meant to him.

This record was birthed through a path that has seen DLobs stare down demons that so many of us would be destroyed by…and I mean ultimately!

This is a summer project you want to take advantage of if you love innovative and inspiring hip hop and rap music and all its kindred sounds!

For now, feel free to follow the attached Spotify link and really enjoy this certified banger with over 80K in the streams!

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