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HipHop Artist C-Nova & Monsta Yo: Inspirational Music Journey



Born In Los Angelos Raised In The IE Things Kinda Gott Tragic raised with 3 siblings mom had more But moms Lost Em Having A miscarriage Partially me Cause my Bad Self At A younger ager Thought I Knew Everything But I was just Experiencing life just being a kid to a young adult life pain Lessons taught me alotter. Taught me how to be patient love more.

Self confidence and Little reassurance kids need that aloter to Make a long story short loss my big sis Step dad Grandma Friends all in a year I grew up with from high school etc but that didn’t stop me Always had drive dedication and more life couldn’t stop me and those Detrimental situations just taught me to raise the bar be more cautious Take heed from what I saw to be more wise ancient and of course I had to stop Thinking I no everything and take time to understand more And play my part so I stop partying stop hanging out and start being more anti Social not because being scared of life but cause that was best choicer for me. Things happen when u least expect it this unpredictable life we in is just like shooting.

Dice sometimes u hit 11 sometimes u hit 7 but most of all u hit your point But if u don’t continue to hit your point you loose money , common sense and sometimes. Humor raised with a mom and a step dad with 2 siblings now I had To think more I wanted to win take moms out the hood to help her think.

Life is what u make it but everybody think different but we all bleed the same everybody
choices Are simi different but from the experience we wake up and some don’t
Some still experience pain suffer from trauma don’t Learn from lessons heart breaks etc but it’s called being a human you got living life.

Jail the grave the hospital rules and regulations is the main priority I took heed and never looked bac chasing dreams that I only see in movies Dancing late nights early morns getting kicked out bac to bac from houses apts cause I had a vision that No one understood nor cared until I actually start making noise from dancing To singing I knew I was different and for that reason I had to start making. Better and more wise choices for me myself and I life start getting harder Struggling became more successful I just kept moving forward didn’t shed tears Had to keep my self focus keep my foot on tha gas had to be strong for moms My younger siblings supporters and more me being always had a strong bison.

Mind strength that was out of this world it help me to continue to be great And the people that I cared about motivate them selfs like no other gave people more Made a tiktoker became viral in no even a year but months doing 30 to 40 videos a day made me even more viral over night success meeting druski chrisbrown etc..,

Had me in a daze made everybody and not only them but myself say dreams do come true
U just have to chase them chase them like somebody took your last dollar That U was bout to get a soda that you was craving for the last 4 hours. Met monsta threw social media you no god works in mysterious ways And don’t make mistakes after that the rest was history our bond was out of; This world like a PlayStation controller and 2k him not knowing me and me not
Knowing him first time we came in contact via social media we just clicked Made a collab me taking 30 years to send it bac still he patiently waited threw it all. Hype more success and more doors started opening me having more publicity. Kinda demobilized me in a way busy like crazy.

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