The Hip Hop community is filled with a few talented music artist who can paint a picture with just their lyrics. Hitman850, a Florida Native is indeed one of those artist who, if you take a listen will have you visualizing everything he is speaking through the mic as if you were right there.

Hitman850’s melodic and trap sound throughout tracks makes him a very high contender for the best upcoming artist in 2023. Hitman850 was offered multiple record deals but, ultimately declined all due to contract conflicts and not being able to come to an agreement with record labels that were offering to invest in his career. After time spent learning more about the music business and protecting himself as an artist, Hitman850 has been on track to storm through the New Year like no other!

Hitman850’s most recent music release was on November 24th, 2022 named “No Rules” (Available on all platforms). On YouTube, the Florida lyrical genius has over 20 thousand views and counting on his current release and says he’s only just getting started!

The single “No Rules” by Hitman850 releases shortly after having his project “Street Poetry” was taken down from all platforms after turning down 6 figure deal from a recording label that gave him the instrumental package to use. The valuation was almost disrespectful to Hitman850 and his camp due to the amount of work he’s put in and traction he’s building based on what supporters of Hitman850 have said. 

We’re excited to see what Hitman850 has in store for the music community in 2023 as well as his supporters! For more information about the Florida musical genius, be sure to stay up to date with his social links below and here on Red X Magazine! 

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