As Mel Gibson, the highly-regarded face of successful films, Mad Max and Lethal Weapon, said, “Hollywood is a factory. You have to realize that you are working in it and that you’re part of the mechanism. If you break down, you’ll be replaced.” It gives you an idea of just how demanding and fast-paced life can be in such a setting and that patience often takes a backseat. David Bolno, a seasoned Hollywood business manager, brings a unique perspective to the table. Today, we’ll be drawing insights from Bolno’s extensive experience navigating the complex landscape of show business.

The Unpredictable Nature of Hollywood

Characterized by its allure, creative endeavors, and relentless quest for artistic brilliance, all of these are attributed to Hollywood’s name. Nevertheless, beyond the sheen and sophistication, this industry conceals a landscape riddled with unpredictability. David Bolno, drawing on his extensive experience collaborating with entertainment clients, possesses a profound awareness of the capricious nature of this domain. Within this dynamic environment, projects encounter multifaceted challenges, ranging from the intricacies of script development to unforeseen delays in production. Success, more often than not, materializes as a product of adeptly navigating through these impediments with tenacity and a composed sense of patience.

Building Relationships Takes Time

One of the key aspects of David Bolno’s role as a business manager involves building and maintaining relationships. In an industry where connections can open doors to opportunities, cultivating meaningful relationships takes time. Bolno emphasizes the need for patience in establishing trust and credibility, whether it’s with clients, industry professionals, or stakeholders. A long-term approach to relationship-building often pays dividends in an industry driven by collaboration and networking.

Script Development and the Art of Waiting

In Hollywood, the journey from script development to the big screen can be a prolonged one. Bolno highlights the importance of patience during this phase, as scripts undergo revisions, evaluations, and sometimes face rejection before they are greenlit for production. Successful projects often involve a meticulous and time-consuming script development process, where the virtue of patience becomes a valuable asset.

Dealing with Project Delays

Delays are an inherent part of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s due to unforeseen production challenges, casting issues, or external factors like global events, projects frequently face delays. Bolno’s experience underscores the significance of patience in handling such situations. Navigating through setbacks and adapting to changing timelines is crucial for maintaining the momentum and success of a project.

The Long Road to Recognition

For those dre­aming of acting, writing, or making movies, getting noticed in Hollywood can wear down a person’s mental fortitude. Bolno knows that achie­ving fame often takes time­, highlighting the importance for ente­rtainment folks to grow their patience­ while chasing their dreams. It’s important to keep going through tryouts, declines, and the expected lows if you want to reach the highs that only in industries like Hollywood can provide.

Industry Shifts and Adaptability

Trends keep changing in the world of ente­rtainment. New tech, varie­d viewer tastes, and different ways to share content are part of this. Bolno says to take your time to understand these shifts. People skille­d in handling these changes with a cool head and an open mind do well in this field.

Why Exercising Patience Goes A Long Way

Negotiations are commonplace in any kind of business, but especially so in Hollywood. Whether it’s securing contracts, licensing deals, or intellectual property. Bolno’s approach to negotiations involves a measured and patient strategy. Rushed decisions can often lead parties to undesirable results and exercising due diligence and patience allows for thorough consideration, strategic planning, and achieving more favorable terms.


David Bolno’s journey as a Hollywood business manager is guided by this virtue at every stage. From script development to building relationships, handling delays, and navigating industry shifts, patience is not merely a virtue but a strategic asset for long-term success. Aspiring professionals in not just Hollywood, but in any industry would do well to heed Bolno’s advice: success may take time, but the journey is as important as the destination.