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How Ace Rogers Finds Success Through Marketing Agencies 



Entrepreneurs often divert from traditional business models to pursue loftier goals and achieve their long-desired success. However, this approach doesn’t always ring true for every business-minded individual. Some find that going down the usual path is a more lucrative venture

So when Ace Rogers had to decide how to grow his fortune, leave a legacy, and live the high-roller life, he established marketing agencies that cater to large groups of people. 

He currently runs two marketing agencies that cater to a different pool of professionals and one that appeals to the public’s love for seeing success. They both played a significant role in propelling Ace closer to his goal of living a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur. 

Growing Doctors’ Practices

If there’s one thing people realized during the past few years, it’s how doctors play a significant part in protecting society. Despite the growing demand, some medical practitioners admit to requiring assistance with growing their practices. 

Here’s where Doctor Multimedia comes in. The marketing agency founded by Ace aims to help doctors build and grow their practices online. The behind Doctor Multimedia consists of energetic, young professionals based in San Diego, with offices just minutes away from the Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. 

As one of the founders of Doctor Multimedia, Ace recognizes the relevance of having doctors around. He grew up in a community surrounded by professionals and found himself unable to escape medical talk whenever it arose. 

Eventually, he realized doctors weren’t well-versed in business and needed assistance enticing the public. Thus, Doctor Multimedia was born as a passion project and became a successful venture that helps thousands of medical practices daily. 

The other marketing agency that Ace founded and runs is Jet Digital, a digital marketing agency that deals with sales and lifestyle. Besides appealing to the public’s love for seeing people succeed and achieve their goals, Ace also highlights his passion for caring for dogs. Using this formula earns him the attention and recognition he deserves as an entrepreneur. 

Giving Back To His Community

With all the wealth he amassed, one would assume that Ace keeps his success to himself. Instead, he shares it with others whenever he can. 

Last Halloween, he spent $50,000 to decorate his home and delight people who had seen it. 

Sometimes, Ace also leaves a hefty tip to those in the service industry to thank them for their efforts. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Ace believes that helping others is a responsibility he can efficiently fulfill with his two digital marketing agencies and other initiatives. 

Learn more about Ace Rogers on his Instagram account. 


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