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Agent Dooley Teaches How to Achieve Massive Success Online



Opportunities for investment and growing revenue have shrunk more so with the recession and challenges of the pandemic in 2020. Resilient people, however, continue to generate revenue and rake in profits from their innovations and investments. Jordan Dooley is one such entrepreneur who has invested in real estate and offers online empowerment courses with amazing results. In this article, Dooley shares some insights into how you can grow your revenue streams by investing in knowledge, talent, and skills.

Agent Dooley is a serial entrepreneur living in Atlanta. At 23, he is the CEO of Diamond Homes Acquisition, fund manager, investor, and realtor. Through this real estate vehicle, he has helped many people acquire property while making a profit. Dooley is also the CEO of Side Money University, a platform that offers online courses in entrepreneurship. He has enrolled over 1200 students in SMU courses empowering them to tap into their talents and make money.

Explore, learn and invest in your talents and skills

Many people especially those in and out of college keep wondering what their next dollar will come from, where to start in their entrepreneurial journey. If you are one such person, Agents Dooley has some advice for you. At only 18, agent Dooley had a keen interest in entrepreneurship. Side Money University is your go-to place to unlock your investment potentials. These online courses offer your insights and show you how you can profit doing fun things and have the potential to earn $50 to$100 per hour. Some of these activities include filling out surveys, being in commercials, online sales, and marketing.


Side Money University courses have transformed the lives of many who are now empowered to utilize their talents and time to make money. As a branding coach, agent Dooley will help you build a personal brand and share with you investment ideas and opportunities to grow your enterprise and revenue. The realization that investments come with a lot of challenges, agent Dooley advises that maintaining a work-life balance is important. Minding your health and wellbeing and maintaining a positive mindset will help you bounce back after failures.

Real estate

Real estate is an area of interest to many. There are opportunities to make money for investors in real estate property and at the same time a chance to link home seekers to homeowners. Diamond Home Acquisitions is your one-stop-shop residential real estate firm in Atlanta that specializes in sourcing, acquiring, flipping, and value addition in real estate assets. Many clients have benefitted from DH Acquisition services.

Link with agent Dooley here to learn more.

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