Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro is the founder and CEO of Super Luxury Group, a luxury real estate media network that focuses on connecting and helping the affluent to market and sell high-end properties – all by celebritizing the homes through proven media, luxury brands, and influencer collaborations.

But aside from its initial objective, Super Luxury Group also has a goal of building and bringing value to their community.

“When I started Super Luxury Group, we made sure to not only find a group of individuals who have experience working in luxury real estate but also are like-minded individuals who wanted to join a community that emphasized teamwork and giving back,” Alvaro said. 

Getting Back Up Again 

Despite these current successes and a driven company, Alvaro had to face several challenges before he got to where he is now in life and, more importantly, his career.

“We all go through difficult moments in life, but those are the times that define who we are today – and therefore, thankful for every single adversity in my life,” Alvaro said. 

Some of the challenges that he had to face include having to leave his home country at an early age due to an economic crisis, lose family members and best friends along the way, and a lot more difficulties. 

Each challenge has strengthened Alvaro and is motivated by the question “what gets you running when times get tough?” 

“Why we started SLG and the long-term vision of the company are two reminders that whenever things get tough, I can always look back to breathe, regroup, and keep on moving forward,” he said. 

He added that a nice quote that he likes from Paulo Coelho says “impossible is just an opinion.” And this is something that Alvaro constantly reminds himself of when people tell us that our goals or vision are impossible. 

“The goal is to dream big and work towards it–thatʼs what keeps on fueling my passion,” he said. 

Creating Substantial Connections 

According to Alvaro, Super Luxury Group focuses on mastering the art of matchmaking clients with the most suitable properties, as well as traveling the world to connect and build an exclusive network of ambassadors and clientele. 

Super Luxury Group is geared to redefine the luxury lifestyle by connecting multimillion-dollar homes, luxury brands, influencers/celebrities, and ultra-high net worth individuals by leveraging technology. 

“We have a long-term vision of becoming the most recognized/successful real estate and luxury network in the world, and therefore, we aim to work along with the most successful current players in the market while having fun and reaching success stories along the way,” Alvaro said. 

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