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How Baptiste Monnet Cultivated His Skill In Being His Own Boss



As a child growing up in Châteauneuf-Conthey, a town located near Sion in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, Baptiste Monnet loved to take on the role of the boss, even if he was yet to find out what being a boss really means. 

Looking back now, he thinks that the creative spirit has always been a big part of his life that allowed him to reach levels of success. 

“I have been rejected and failed many times. But every attempt has been a learning experience. Besides, I am a learner in life. It is a process and not a snap of the fingers,” he shares. 

Years have passed and today, Baptiste is the co-founder of a women’s clothing brand and the founder of a brand called Boost Mind. 

Boosting The Mind 

One of the important things that Baptiste learned in his journey through life is that having control over the mind is necessary to keep a lifestyle in check. This is why he started Boost Mind to bring people together and encourage them to adopt different methods to sharpen their mental capacity. 

The motto of Boost Mind is to bring all people together who are active in their daily life by sharing other beliefs, facts, and ideas.

With Boost Mind, Baptiste aims to empower people’s minds that will lead them to a life full of optimism. Moreover, his brand also allows its clients to gradually become skillful thinkers. 

Baptiste came up with the concept of Boost Mind to help people hone their mental skills and go against the norms. 

His personal life and how his drive as well as determination to make things better for himself and make a name by using the talents that he developed over the years. 

“My adoptive parents had their own business, but unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to benefit from that education. And since I didn’t have my parents, I created my own world,” he shared.

Climbing The Ladder Of Success 

Although Baptiste has just launched Boost Mind, he believes that his biggest project is to be able to climb the crossbars of the ladder that will lead him to success in both his life and career. 

“It’s a never-ending project. I am perpetuating the game of life,” he said. 

Baptiste went from playing the boss to becoming his own boss while helping others take control of their lives by putting their minds as the top priority. 

Get to know more about Baptiste Monnet and Boost Mind through his Instagram account (@boostmindofficial). 

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