Ayman Khan has gained solid credibility for being one of the renowned owners of multiple e-commerce businesses.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected with the Internet, allowing geographically-specific stories to become global, the story of Ayman Khan is genuinely inspiring and moving. Born and raised in Canada, Ayman Khan has studied at Toronto Metropolitan University and has always been considerate towards society. The empathetic nature of his behavior led him to participate in some charities and donate winter blankets along with BD Gearheads Foundation with over 50,000 taka during Ramadan to poor people in Bangladesh. Along with owning several e-commerce businesses, Ayman Khan runs the most significant automotive page in Bangladesh with over 2000 active members entitled BD Gearheadsofficial.

In his position as one of the internet’s most successful young entrepreneurs, Ayman Khan has become an inspiration to everyone involved in eCommerce. Despite the short timeframe, Ayman Khan has generated nearly $200,000 in from Shopify and other e-commerce sales channels. His extensive experience and expertise have enabled him to train several people worldwide through his successful social media marketing startup.

“I was born and raised in Canada, making six figures in Bangladesh started with only two hundred dollars. Coming from a Asian background was very hard. Currently I study at Toronto Metropolitan University in Canada. I have made a few charity donations, like in the winter blankets donations. BD Gearheads Foundation donated over 50,000 taka in Ramadan to poor people in Bangladesh at the Covid time. I also have a YouTube channel, and I give free PS4s and IPhones to people that need them,” says Ayman Khan.

Ayman Khan’s integrated online course guides new drop shippers through creating and implementing their sales strategy and utilizing tips for success quickly from the outset. Students can reap the benefits of the online master’s course by following the skills he lays out and the lucrative income that can follow.

Furthermore, being a social media activist, Ayman Khan also runs his YouTube channel and has built a large fan following in recent years due to making unique and innovative content. Besides being a significant contributor to charities, Ayman Khan also conducts free giveaways to gift people PlayStations and iPhones.

“Entrepreneurship is more of a mindset than an aspiration, and one can be an entrepreneur only when they get their hands dirty and test the mettle of their ideas and execution. I aim to empower and build entrepreneurs for the future digitally, “says Ayman Khan.

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