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How Chent Thambiah Helps People With Their energy, Mindset, Business, and Finances



New Zealand-based entrepreneur, innovator, and mentor Chent Thambiah has helped hundreds of people take their energy, mindset, business, and finances to a whole new level. Using his experience in business and self-development, he now helps others achieve their own definition of freedom by establishing the world’s first social development network: XLR8 Online.

Pursuing Something He’s Passionate About

Chent initially left his nine to five career in civil engineering starting his journey in entrepreneurship and business as a personal trainer with multiple side hustles from a gym apparel business (Above Average) all the way to a future technology/augmented reality business (ARX). Through this journey, he eventually realized his passion in engaging in an occupation where he can directly work with people and help in their development.

He used his experience which allowed him to create XLR8 Online where he simplifies and gamifies self-development through a mobile application connected to state-of-the-art technology like VR, AR, AI, and HR Wearables.

Besides being the founder of XLR8 Online, Chent is also specialising in Enterprise Creation as he helps other entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors create leverage state-of-the-art technology to build out their own revolutionary platforms and business enterprises.

Scaling His Brand to Welcome a Larger Audience

As XLR8 Online is becoming more popular, Chent is on a mission to take it even further so that he and other mentors can accommodate a larger audience to help them achieve their success in their chosen fields.

“Firstly, I will be working on the release of XLR8 Online Version 4 where we will have our custom mobile application [that’s] targeted for a beta launch in March 2021. opening up our platform for 500–1000 users,” Chent shared.

He will also be focusing on two to three private mentoring (enterprise creation) clients who are high performing coaches or service providers that want to transform their magic and create their own enterprise by learning how protect their formula, turn it into a software, then transfer that software into a unique app solution while leveraging future technology like VR and AR to have a strong unique selling point (USP) to dominate the market.

Aside from the above Chent also started a new project and business venture in a fashion that can serve as an avenue for leaders to express themselves.

“I will also be starting an affordable luxury menswear for high performers to uniquely express their energy, individuality, authenticity, and style with full confidence,” Chent said.

Throughout his career, Chent recognizes the importance of putting others first as it helped him find his sense of purpose and direction in life. For him, doing something with genuine intentions is more important than expecting something in return.

Learn more about XLR8 Online through its website, Or get to know more about Chent Thambiah through his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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