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How Creating A Personal Brand Empowered DJ Thielen To Reach His Dreams And Help Others Achieve Theirs



Starting a personal brand is a personal and fulfilling achievement for any Entrepreneur. However, for DJ Thielen AKA “The Game Changer”, a CEO, Real Estate Investor, and Public Figure, creating a personal brand allowed him to create a niche in the Real Estate market and truly separate himself from the competition. 

His Real Estate investing business started all the way back in 2005 after he sold a company and decided that he wanted to learn how to invest into Real Estate. However his journey towards creating a personal brand started even before DJ knew what he was doing. 

“I started creating my personal brand before I even knew I was creating a personal brand way back 16 years ago. As time and business has evolved, I’ve realized the value and importance of having a personal brand that truly resonates with people, helps people connect with you, and allows you to stand out from the crowd,” he said. 

Now, his name and brand has not only become known and recognized around the world, it’s become special to him because he built it from scratch into the dynasty it is today with hard work, consistency, and a positive can do attitude. He also gets to help people every day which continues to light the fire inside of him. 

“I just really do love people and I think people do business with people they like,  and they’ll continue to do business with people they trust,” he said

Well DJ is not only liked he’s loved.  He is literally the ONLY Investor / Mentor / and Coach we found online that bolstered a Mind Blowing Verified ” 200+ recommendations on LinkedIn, 200+ 5 Star Google Reviews (Flipping On Demand LLC), and over 740+ 5 Star Reviews in total. That’s literally approximately 5 times more than his Iconic friend whom DJ has amazing respect for “The Undercover Billionaire” Grant Cardone , Mr 10x even has… that’s just insane!

Serving Others Through His Brand 

One way that DJ achieves this goal is by serving people at the highest level and helping them to solve their problems. “The highest paid people help solve the biggest problems. If you’re wanting to make more money solve bigger problems” DJ says.

It also helps that DJ Thielen is not the type of person to quit on himself and others around him, making him an efficient leader and trusted entrepreneur. He says this trait was shaped from playing professional baseball in the San Francisco Giants organization where he learned that failure is just part of any success.

“You cannot lose if you simply never quit. You can change, pivot, and make adjustments but just never quit. Look at failures as insight into what didn’t work and make the necessary adjustments, keep going, and eventually you’ll get to your goals, it really is that simple. Most people just quit too easily so they never realize their dreams” he said. 

Three Tips Against Burnout 

As an Influencer himself, DJ Thielen has three approaches that help him deal with burnout so that he can be the best version of himself as to serve others that need his services. 

His three methods that others could follow include having a strong why that keeps you going even when you’re not feeling like it and a why that makes you jump out of bed every morning excited, starting the day with 15 minutes of gratitude and meditating on all the things in your life right now that you’re grateful for, and lastly, getting into a happy vibration to start the day. Then simply do your best to carry that internal happiness throughout the entire day internally no matter what happens externally.

Learn more about DJ Thielen through his Instagram account (@d.j.thielen). 

Real Estate Leaders

What Inspired Nadia Musharbash To Become A Real Estate Broker



Nadia Musharbash is the daughter of two hardworking parents and the youngest of four siblings. But despite being the youngest in their family, she was raised to be strong and independent. 

“It never mattered if I was a girl, it just meant I had to work a bit harder to prove myself in the world,” she said. 

She eventually started working and earned money but never took it for granted. Yet although she worked and saved, she felt restricted from working in the corporate world. 

Little did Nadia know that there was another career path for her that not only provided her with a source of livelihood but also allowed her to do what she loves. 

How She Started Out 

Ever since she can remember, Nadia has always had an affinity for real estate and investing. She was 21 when she was introduced to the real estate investing world. And being a determined and hardworking person, she decided to make it into a side hustle. 

“With my parents’ help, we bought our first investment property. I was a landlord renting out all the rooms and basement apartment next door while I worked full time,” Nadia shared.

From there, she never looked back and thought about how can she do this all the time where she can do what she loves and have enough to eventually give back to the people she cherishes in life. It later dawned on her to start a career as a real estate broker. 

“After my time in finance and real estate sales, becoming a real estate broker felt like an exciting and natural progression,” she said. 

Providing Clients With Quality Service 

For the past two years, Nadia has been working as a real estate broker in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Her warm personality, determination, and expertise have helped her gain the confidence of several clients who trust her judgment regarding real estate concerns. 

“I’m dedicated to my clients. I want to ensure both buyers and sellers are educated about their choices to provide the highest quality service possible,” she said. 

During her first two years of real estate sales, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Nadia had to adapt to a virtual approach to doing business. There, she has helped more than a dozen clients both in the commercial and residential space.

“I’m adapting to a new virtual model. Maintaining and building strong client relationships will always be key to my success in real estate. I enjoy working with clients who are willing to try a new way of doing business. I believe it’s the future of real estate,” Nadia said.

Learn more about Nadia Musharbash on or on instagram for more information.

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Joseph Is Underway To Turn Around The Investment Industry In 2021 And Teach Newcomers The Ways Of Real Estate Investment



Joseph Griffin Official Image In hd 2021

“Tax Deed Investing and real estate investor author Joseph Griffin is a real estate coach.”

Joseph Griffin is the Tax Deed Wolf author and founder of the Tax Deed Wolf Academy (TDW) and Tax Deed Investing. Joseph demonstrates how to properly engage in investment in properties without blundering and to get good revenue. Property rules are rather severe in the United States of America. If someone owns a property, they must continually pay property taxes. If it doesn’t last for two years, the Government will itself take it to the market.

The year 2021 is an opportunity! The epidemic gave many individuals the opportunity to construct and pursue something new, but what if this new aim is to earn fortune, success, and independence in the real world? You could be laughing, but the veteran soldier and entrepreneur Joseph Griffin, the Tax Deed Wolf, is here to demonstrate that you do not have to have a considerable amount of money to invest in property, and you can win the enormous property for only $1,000!

Tax Deed Wolf, Joseph Griffin

These auctions were spotted in arcades by the crane game merchandiser. Joseph teaches the crane to perform correctly and capture the best property to maintain revenue streaming.

This means that a person can purchase property at a very inexpensive cost.

In 2020, he bought three houses for only $5,000 for 30 days. He’s going to be doing the same thing. Joseph argues that you may purchase a property for a rate of only $2000. There is a Step by Step Guide to additional benefits in complement to the book, which makes the learners the future multi-property owners, even during one on one personal coaching sessions.

Joseph didn’t stumble upon the estate and declares that he knows it. He began as an enlisted nurse but recently retired at age 29. He is also a veteran of the army and has been on two military deployments for 11 years. He is the owner of Quality Trade Group LLC since he was involved in two different jobs and assists in tax documents sales, and credit repair.

Joseph offers courses for everyone, whether someone is a newcomer or an experienced investor who wants to engage in real estate. Everyone is given a single coaching service in the Investor Pro Package. It just offers to travel to the area where the investor is in Florida, and parties may plan to see Joseph’s properties.

The properties may be either residential or commercial. Helping with property is the lowest price; Joseph can complete 360, addressing affordability, credit, legal concerns, and income. Confidence in the property needs absolute confidence in one’s ownership at each step.

Joseph intends to disrupt real estate and real-estate investment as a closed-off game in which the affluent become richer, using his tactics to provide the possibility to other ambitious individuals to enter the business, to construct their portfolios, and to develop their success via investments that don’t disrupt the bank. How much less you would have thought of these large real-estate investors!



Tax Deep Wolf Academy

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Grant Cardone Announces 10X Challenge To Help Millions Recover And Rise Up



Grant Cardone, internationally-known business guru, marketer, billion-dollar real estate investor and best-selling author of The 10X Rule, recently announced his upcoming 10X Challenge. This will be a 10-day program in which Cardone and numerous celebrity guest speakers will join together every day for a live event on Facebook. The goal of the 10X Challenge is to help people around the world improve all aspects of their lives especially those who have been affected by the pandemic and other events. The 10X Challenge is named for Cardone’s 10X philosophy whose core principles are that massive success requires massive action and that people must be willing to do what others are not in order to attain their financial and life goals. The 10X Challenge begins September 28th and continues for 10 days until October 7th. Each episode of the challenge will begin at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Anyone interested in joining the 10X Challenge can learn more at

In addition to Cardone and his wife, Elena, also a prime mover in various business ventures, the 10X Challenge will feature 14 celebrity guest speakers who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. The all-star roster includes Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank, #1 New York Times bestselling author and former monk, Jay Shetty, fashion designer and international brand creator, Rebecca Minkoff, Miami hospitality entrepreneur, David Grutman, champion athlete trainer, Tim Grover and many others with additional guests being announced daily. While the approximate total cost to hire all these speakers would be in the millions, the 10X Challenge is completely free of charge to all participants.

During the 10X Challenge, for one hour every day, Cardone and his guests will share their life stories, their experiences, and their expertise along with the techniques and strategies they use to gain and maintain their phenomenal success, even today while so many others are struggling. Cardone and the rest of the speakers will set daily goals for the attendees and then guide them through the process of achieving those goals. When asked about the nature of the challenge itself, Cardone replied, “The challenge is just showing up every day and doing the work. No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true. You gotta show up and get after it.” In his numerous best-selling books, Cardone espouses the pursuit of one’s goals in an aggressive, persistent manner with a “commit now and figure out how later” mentality. Cardone refers to this as “over-promising and over-delivering”.

The idea for the 10X Challenge came to Cardone as he observed how so many people were being adversely affected by the effects of the pandemic. He was shocked by the ensuing economic consequences ranging from business closures to job losses numbering in the millions in the United States alone, to say nothing of the number of newly unemployed people around the world. Realizing that something had to be done, Cardone, who is famous for achieving enormous success on every level after overcoming almost unimaginable personal difficulties in his life, became determined to give as many people as possible a way to help themselves in as short a time as possible. As someone who is famous for achieving his goals through his rugged individualism, Cardone sincerely believes that everyone has the capability to improve their circumstances in every aspect of their life whether it’s personal, professional or financial. This belief is what led Cardone to write his bestselling 10X Rule whose success was the catalyst for a 10X movement which has spread around the world. In fact, 10X has become so popular that Cardone even hosts his own annual event in Las Vegas, The 10X Growth Conference, whose attendees number in the tens of thousands.

In addition to leading the global 10X movement, Cardone owns and operates several successful business ventures including Cardone Capital which manages nearly $2 billion in multifamily real estate assets. Cardone also appears at speaking engagements around the globe to share his unparalleled expertise on sales and marketing. When not running his companies or flying around the world in his signature private jet, Cardone spends a significant amount of time raising funds for several charities including his own Grant Cardone Foundation, which seeks to assist at-risk youths, particularly those without fathers, as Cardone lost his own father at the age of ten. His foundation is extremely important to him since one of, if not the main guiding principle in Cardone’s life is to pay it forward now that he has achieved what most would call the pinnacle of success. This is the reason behind the creation of the 10X Challenge, so that Cardone can give the maximum number of people the information and tools they need to elevate themselves and live their best lives. Cardone concluded by saying, “I am living proof that someone can rise up from rock-bottom to fulfill their ambitions and realize their dreams. Anyone who knows me should know that if I could do it then anyone can. If you give me ten hours I’ll prove it to you.”

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