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How Creating A Personal Brand Empowered DJ Thielen To Reach His Dreams And Help Others Achieve Theirs



Starting a personal brand is a personal and fulfilling achievement for any Entrepreneur. However, for DJ Thielen AKA “The Game Changer”, a CEO, Real Estate Investor, and Public Figure, creating a personal brand allowed him to create a niche in the Real Estate market and truly separate himself from the competition. 

His Real Estate investing business started all the way back in 2005 after he sold a company and decided that he wanted to learn how to invest into Real Estate. However his journey towards creating a personal brand started even before DJ knew what he was doing. 

“I started creating my personal brand before I even knew I was creating a personal brand way back 16 years ago. As time and business has evolved, I’ve realized the value and importance of having a personal brand that truly resonates with people, helps people connect with you, and allows you to stand out from the crowd,” he said. 

Now, his name and brand has not only become known and recognized around the world, it’s become special to him because he built it from scratch into the dynasty it is today with hard work, consistency, and a positive can do attitude. He also gets to help people every day which continues to light the fire inside of him. 

“I just really do love people and I think people do business with people they like,  and they’ll continue to do business with people they trust,” he said

Well DJ is not only liked he’s loved.  He is literally the ONLY Investor / Mentor / and Coach we found online that bolstered a Mind Blowing Verified ” 200+ recommendations on LinkedIn, 200+ 5 Star Google Reviews (Flipping On Demand LLC), and over 740+ 5 Star Reviews in total. That’s literally approximately 5 times more than his Iconic friend whom DJ has amazing respect for “The Undercover Billionaire” Grant Cardone , Mr 10x even has… that’s just insane!

Serving Others Through His Brand 

One way that DJ achieves this goal is by serving people at the highest level and helping them to solve their problems. “The highest paid people help solve the biggest problems. If you’re wanting to make more money solve bigger problems” DJ says.

It also helps that DJ Thielen is not the type of person to quit on himself and others around him, making him an efficient leader and trusted entrepreneur. He says this trait was shaped from playing professional baseball in the San Francisco Giants organization where he learned that failure is just part of any success.

“You cannot lose if you simply never quit. You can change, pivot, and make adjustments but just never quit. Look at failures as insight into what didn’t work and make the necessary adjustments, keep going, and eventually you’ll get to your goals, it really is that simple. Most people just quit too easily so they never realize their dreams” he said. 

Three Tips Against Burnout 

As an Influencer himself, DJ Thielen has three approaches that help him deal with burnout so that he can be the best version of himself as to serve others that need his services. 

His three methods that others could follow include having a strong why that keeps you going even when you’re not feeling like it and a why that makes you jump out of bed every morning excited, starting the day with 15 minutes of gratitude and meditating on all the things in your life right now that you’re grateful for, and lastly, getting into a happy vibration to start the day. Then simply do your best to carry that internal happiness throughout the entire day internally no matter what happens externally.

Learn more about DJ Thielen through his Instagram account (@d.j.thielen).