Every single one of us has a passion that we want to pursue. Lucky are those who have had the opportunity to see their dream unfold and do something they love. But those who turn their passion into something greater demand a good level of respect because of how they maximized their potential and used it to their advantage. 

Such is the case for real estate investor Dan Costantino. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Dan created an integrated network of companies to build an impressive real estate portfolio. 

Working His Way to the Top 

Before Dan got into real estate investing, he worked as a sales executive in the logistics industry. But he saw that the companies he worked for kept changing their commission structure for the worse. He eventually came across self-development books and learned about flipping houses. This nudged him to pursue his passion for real estate. 

Since then, Dan has been building his real estate empire. His primary business focuses on building a multi-family rental portfolio, flipping, and hard money lending. He owns a five-star construction company and property management company to support the growth of the investment segments of the business.

When Dan quit his supply chain career at the end of 2018, he had 30 rental units. He currently owns over 415 units, has flipped over 50 homes, and has funded over 150 loans to other real estate investors. 

Dan’s determination and devotion to real estate also earned him some recognition from the industry. He was featured in WQEDʼs Flip Pittsburgh Special.  He has also been a featured speaker at the Pittsburgh and Beaver County ACRE meetings. 

Building a Legacy and a Community 

Aside from being enamored by the process of flipping houses, Dan was also inspired to venture into the real estate industry for the people around him. 

“We get to build and improve communities. I am also motivated by the fact that we have a team that gets up every day to work on the mission and achieve the vision. I can’t let them down, and most importantly, I can’t let down my family,” he said. 

In growing his real estate empire, Dan secures his profits and opportunities by growing his portfolio. But the real estate industry already has numerous players looking for success. Dan’s solution comes from his consideration for others. 

“We have a team that works very well together, and they are complemented by our customers on just about every job. We focus on our people and we feel like if we treat our employees well, they’ll treat our customers well,” he said. 

Learn more about Dan Costantino through his Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.