Being in a high position and belonging to a royal family is never simple since the members must deal with difficulties. Especially in today’s world, when everything is shared on social media and if the controversy is huge enough, it quickly sweeps over the internet. As a result, the royals must keep the majority of their lives private because any slip could end up in the media.

When Queen Zaynab OtitiObanor went through a divorce, she faced similar issues. Her life was made more difficult in already terrible circumstances by the journalist’s persistent pestering and queries, which compounded her existence. But she never said anything negative about anyone and came out of the ordeal much stronger.

A Closer Look at the Controversies

Queen Zaynab OtitiObanor grew up in Benin’s kingdom. She married Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the monarch of the Yoruba kingdom of Ile-traditional Ife since 2015. Due to a lack of compatibility and match, both of them chose the difficult path of divorce. It was already challenging for the family, and the media made it much more difficult by broadcasting everything about their lives.

Queen Zaynab was vilified and criticized by the media and the general public as a result of her unsuccessful marriage. Journalists and others came to the conclusion that she was divorced and had a broken marriage because of her adultery and bareness. Such baseless allegations had a negative impact on her health, and she broke her quiet by exposing how false these reports were. She also said that the divorce was the consequence of domestic violence.

Later, Queen Zaynab married an Arab Prince and gave birth to a lovely princess as a result of her marriage. As a result, all allegations regarding her infidelity were false and circulated merely to promote false information and acquire views.

Coming Back Stronger

Such intense and unpleasant rumors cause mental and bodily anguish and make it impossible to move forward in life. However, Queen Zaynab has demonstrated that if you are in a better position, people will continue to talk about you because it feeds into their enjoyment. They gain personal joy by pulling someone down and reducing his or her name to muck.

Despite being blamed by the people who live in it, Queen Zaynab is active in numerous philanthropic works today and misses no opportunity to aid our world. She demonstrates by her acts that a decent person is always willing to help others in any situation. She has assisted over 10,000 families with covid through her charity, The Queen Zaynab Foundation (QZF), and she continues to aid women and children in rural regions. Queen Zaynab’s work focuses mostly on rural communities, women, and children who have historically been excluded from large-scale development programs. Her dedication to enabling local leaders to better communities influences the foundation’s methods and strategy for building a brighter future.