Before Eda Lourdes became a fashion designer with her brand, she was working in the business and finance world.  Eda has a Bachelorʼs Degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico (2000) and a Masterʼs Degree in Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University (2007).

She worked for 15 years in banking in the area of investments and treasury. But despite that, she never stopped practicing her true passion: dancing and design. 

But what she wanted the most was to design accessories, particularly handbags. She chose fashion accessories because since she was little, she loved to create and wear chokers, headbands, gloves, hats. 

She made that dream come true when in May 2019, she was nominated for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards competition in New York City, which led her to dream of launching her brand EDALOU PARIS. In April 2021 she got an award for La Coucou bag at the prestigious design competition, A design Award in Italy. 

How She Developed Her Brand 

Eda started this journey without fashion studies, then moved to a country that speaks another language and conducts business in a different way. She had to start from the bottom especially after she left her career in finance. 

But she pushed through and kept learning both on the job and self-taught via masterclasses, books, and people in the industry that she respects. 

“I have worked five years with the fashion houses of KENZO, IRO, APPARIS, Miriam Budet, Lemloren, and Koshka Paris, and other digital marketing clients,” she said. 

In 2019, Eda decided to continue the journey that she started in 2014. She submitted her third application to the NYC design competition: Independent Handbag Designer Awards. She was chosen as a finalist out of 2,000 designers that applied. In April 2021 she got an award for La Coucou bag at the prestigious design competition, A design Award in Italy. 

As a result, her design, La Coucou, became the faithful companion of every woman who seeks to live her life to the fullest capacity.  But Eda had bigger things in mind for her brand. 

“I want to keep growing EDALOU PARIS, its products, projects, and collaborations. Place our products in stores that share our values and inspire our customers to follow our message and Rock, Dance & Love” she said. 

She added that she wanted to start giving back to programs that help women looking for a transformation. 

“Just like our bags transform from one style to the other, we want to help women evolve and reach their highest potential,” Eda said. 

Three Things That Inspired Her 

Aside from having a dream to design accessories there are three other things  that inspired Eda to start Edalou Paris. 

The first is her love for design and the “beaux arts” which she has been cultivating over the years and especially when she moved to Paris from New York City. 

Second, is her quest to reinvent herself and regain financial freedom after leaving her finance career by doing something she loves. 

Lastly, she has a desire to give back and make a difference. Eda’s goal is to design for visionary women who are professional, driven, active, and stylish. 

Learn more about Eda Aguilar through her Instagram page