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How Ferrari Rick Became the Artist He is Today



Lasruick Edmead, professionally known as the artist Ferrari Rick grew up in West Tampa. His stage name came from his dream of owning a Ferrari. His first mixtape back when he wasn’t taking rap too seriously was even called “Ferrari Dreamz” as a homage to the said ambition. 

At present, he is making himself known across several platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud. But before he became the artist he is today, he had to go through a period of self-realization. 

“I switched my rap name plenty of times before I became Ferrari Rick. [It] just felt like that name was the right fit for me, and I’m never changing it again,” he said. 

Ferrari Rick started making music since he was 13-years-old. Now turning 22, the artist has taken rap more seriously than ever before and is grinding every day to get to where he wants to be. 

“I always loved listening to music. I started my career making music from a webcam at home and [then] I started getting interested in taking it seriously,” he said. 

The artist then began going to the studio to work on his music and has kept it going ever since then. 

Becoming a Better Artist 

One thing that Ferrari Rick considers as a success is his becoming a better artist than before. He became better at melodies and became a better rapper than before.

The artist is also proud of being able to expand his craft. 

“I learned [that] you got to stand on what you believe in [and] never give up. I almost quit music in 2018 because I felt like it was getting nowhere [but] then I just kept going and started seeing progress each day,” he said.  

2021 is His Year 

As he turns 22 this year, Ferrari Rick hopes that it’s the year when all of his hard work over the years finally pays off. 

“Most of my projects are on SoundCloud. [There’s] just a bunch of free music there for people to listen to but also I have some of my music on all platforms such as on Apple Music, Spotify, etc.,” Ferrari Rick said.

The artist has also just dropped a recent music video on YouTube and all platforms called “Truth Be Told,” and another video called “Thought I was cursed.” His goal for this year is to increase his following on all platforms so that he can have a larger audience with whom he can share his music. 
Ferrari Rick is also known as @volumegod on Instagram. You can also check him out on Twitter (@ferraririck2) or listen to music on YouTube.